Need Update Win10 1903 to work?

Hello, (sorry for my bad english)

I took the pass for the store in order to play Gears of war 5

But for dl the game i need to update my windows to the 1903 version.

But the problem is that I can not install it (The installation fails at 75% after reboot, an error message appears 0xC1900101 0x40017)

I tested a lot of solution but none works (+ 6 hours to try to fix the problem …)

I wanted to know if the Steam version will also require this version of windows ? because if that’s the case I could never play the game :frowning:

Sorry yo no hablo inglés pero si quieres actualizar tu PC descarga la aplicación de la página de Microsoft ( actualizacion Windows) y de esa forma se actualizará sin error yo así logré instalar la última versión del sistema . actualizalo desde una iso