Need to vent. The A.I. is beyond hope

Snatcher downed me too, from above. It is an impossibility, but like you said, The Coalition are awesome. Claws are ridiculously ridiculous, i find at wave 42 to 48 they are one shotting you DBNO, and this is another fine mess The Coalition put us in.
So much needs doing to this game, and i am positive they never play tested Gears 5, too many little things that end up being huge problems.

Another game today, wave 50, the A.I. were just stood around while the Swarmack was tearing the crap out of me, and that bloody thing is surprisingly quick. But i managed it, no thanks to them. Mark the Swarmack, to no avail. Boggles the mind.

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I was doing some solo, they don’t seem to attack the Swarmak or Matriarch at all. It’s a massive pain if regen is on.

I was in a game once, and it always seems to be just the Swarmack it happens to, all that was left was a full team of A.I. the Swarmack and obviously me. I hid and made no movements and watched as the A.I. surrounded the Swarmack and they watched each other. At one point one A.I. was face to face with the Swarmack. I am sure they were plotting the downfall of Sera together.
Be careful of your A.I., they could be traitors in disguise. Which explains why they run over you to revive other A.I.


A bit off topic ere but I just finished campaign a couple of weeks ago on insane.
Now there was a fight where I was pinned down and the ai just kept running straight forward and going down everytime.
I was stuck at that fight for about 2 hours. Couldn’t get anywhere because of the ai.
In the end I’d had enough and reloaded the checkpoint and changed my decision ( if you finished campaign you’ll know what I mean).
Wow what a difference. I done it on the 2nd attempt.
1st was my fault I rolled into a boomshot.
But using the other ai he was smart and played causiously like a human would.
I couldn’t believe the difference.
And did think at the time why can’t bots in horde be like this.

But then again the onyx guard decoy was exactly the same in gow 3.rushed out and was dead in 5 seconds.

The A.I. can be right idiots, but sometimes, and only sometimes, they play better than a full team of people.
When i am on my own, it is pot luck with the A.I., it is a rare for a good A.I. team.

You managed to get a good team after check pointing the game, in Campaign, it is not possible to do that in Horde, unless you restart. Unless you die, and start where you died, but who would do that, chances are it is still the same team. Idiots.