Need to vent. The A.I. is beyond hope

For the last three days i have left Gears 5 Horde with a sense of awe, and it is a negative awe. My games have all ended with my death because the A.I. have run over my downed body, to get to another A.I. half way across the map.
Last night i was Asylum, i got downed by the Kestrel, and the others, all A.I. were constantly picking each other up. And i got ignored, completely. The day before, i was on Allfathers and the Snatcher downed me, and the A.I. were, well, to be honest one was inside the Snatcher and the others were, i believe, chasing the Snatcher. Again, ignored.
And today, another Asylum game, i was downed by a Boomer, all A.I. were down except for one, who, for some unknown reason was on the other side of the map. Boomer single handedly wiped.

Venting time is all about the stupidity of the A.I. and lack of control over them. They were designed to help for people like me that find it hard to play/or find games with others. And yet, truth be told, they are the cause of most downs and deaths.
Why would The Coalition create a A.I. system that hinders, rather than helps. It boggles the mind.
Is it on purpose, is it by accident or is it a test.
The A.I. is so stupid at times, Artificial Intelligence needs to be changed to Artificial Idiots. They are either too close to you, something i find when i am playing Fahz, they got this really bad habit of walking in front of me when i am Sniping, or they are too far away.
I would like to see some sort of control over these A.I., simple commands, nothing fancy. Something that that gives them a sense of direction. Maybe a loadout system for them, set them up as rear guard, medics or something that helps rather than hinders.
Venting complete !!! Or is it ???
Stupid A.I. !!!


I think the moral of the story is, mark your enemies, help the AI as their father neglects them often and the golden rule of the gears…

Which is “Take cover or die”.

They should implement a very simple command system for the A.I. like in Company of Heroes or even Gears Tactics.

The Horde AI always has been this terrible, but you’re welcome to join the club of people complaining about their idiocy and total lack of awareness whenever you’re down or about to fire off an explosive.

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How about when AI jumps in front of you at the moment you toss a nade, and the nade bounces back and kills you.


It seems i am not the only one cussing the hell out of the A.I.

Yeah, they do have this annoying habit of getting in the way when you are about to fire, well anything really. As it has mentioned, explosives, as well as Grenades. For me though, they are horrible when i am playing Fahz. As the Sniper i sit back as far as i can on the map and shoot away, and they are either walking in front of my shots or jumping over walls, in front of my shots. Most of the time, there is no need for it.

Some sort of command does need to be implemented, indeed. Simple the better, just enough to keep them out of the way, or there when needed.

Has anyone played on Asylum and gone down, under the over pass bridge thingy, because i did a few days ago, went down, and the A.I. was running backwards and forwards trying to find me. Puzzled me to the point at screaming at the tele, “I AM HERE YOU ■■■■■■ TARDS !!!”

With any luck, Gears 6 will have this fixed. Hopefully.

That area generally seems to make AI bug out. I’ve been in the spot where the Talon or Boltok spawns in Versus, and with an AI Soldier in there. The enemies would stand above there and look down as if they could get to the bot from there somehow. Snatchers will also attack anything below, annoyingly enough, if at the top, which is really really stupid.


Interesting spot you got up there. Too bad I can’t reach it.

Yeah, bot buddies suck. Can’t be customized, can’t be commanded, don’t share power…only thing I like to use 'em for is farming assists.

That aggravates the hell out of me too, because otherwise the tunnel is almost perfectly boss proof, but I think I’ve found a safe spot recently: hug the wall between the central gap and the right-hand(when you’re inside facing out) entry of the tunnel. I don’t know if taking cover on the wall makes a difference, but I’ve avoided Snatcher stomps there while I’ve been hit by them on the wall next to the left-hand entry.

Yes, AI always ignore me when i’m downed

Know what else riles me up like nothing else? Drone Elites. Everything about that stupid enemy screams ridiculous BS, no thanks to TCs completely incompetent balancing of the enemies where on ADVANCED they put you down in two or three seconds when it isn’t even a high level difficulty. God I hate those idiotic things so much. What does someone from TC who I’ve voiced this to(more constructively) say? They MAY have overevaluated their SPAWN COST. FFS, their ridiculous damage with 100% accuracy is what makes them broken, not their spawn cost. And it’s not even full admittance, just “may”.

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If they overestimated their spawn cost, that means that in future there’ll be less numbers of them spawning at once, right? Shame that just one of them can end a Master run in less than one clip: 3 bullets per player is about all it takes.
Like Wall says,

Come on TC, you need to do better than spawn cost.

3 bullets per player on Master is being generous. I’ve had times where I was two shot downed or straight one hit downed by a Claw Drone.

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So you say that on Master some of the Elite Drones are… One Hit Wonders!? :upside_down_face:
I prefer doing “Sane” Insane (Insane without Health and Damage). :nerd_face:

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The less players there are (AI backfilling or not), the more energy you gain from pickups. Also, I’m pretty sure when a bot picks energy up, it goes to you.

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I thought it’d make more sense for the AI to tether in a sense, to the fabricator or fortifications? That way they are less likely to end up wandering off to the other side of the map.
Or up their health/dmg to compensate for the shear gutter trash that they are.

Does it?

(goes to check)

…It totally does. I dun goofed.

Wanted to comment on this after some further thoughts. I noticed that there’s an odd one off Gear in the Campaign near its end, in Act 4 Chapter 2 who has a different voice. I was wondering if that’s something that could be used as an MP variant for the COG Gear cause it sure seemed like a better one than the Casan Gear we have in MP and seems to also be what TC uses as the base line generic female Gears in 5s Campaign.

We got helmetless Vermelo and Casan, so at this point I don’t understand why they haven’t.

I feel like Vermelo & Casan are their own characters and shouldn’t be Default MP cog gears.

There’s also earlier on ACT 1 a male cog gear who sounds like the OG onyx guard. Im baffled how they said “No” and continued the Vermelo/Casan MP.

The Inside Out COG Gear is not Vermelo, just for note. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know, he’s too deep to be vermelo.

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