Need tips for escalation

Im just getting into escalation.Can anyone give me some tips.Right now Im struggling.The gnashers feel different and movement too.

Movement just went through some big changes. Wall bouncing is enhanced. With the gnasher, don’t go for gibs like you would in core. Just keep putting on damage and get used to weapon switching.

Strat-wise, you don’t want everyone camping on home for pts, then spreading out because the opponents will have already set up. Typically, one goes home and everyone else takes various routes to either B/E, key tactical points, or priority power weapons. This basic strat will be adapted for how the enemy plays. Sometimes, you send two to their home right off the bat. You might even run as a wolfpack rotating around the map. Sometimes, you don’t even cap home, you go take the other two hills and let a respawn take home one you’ve got control. This is a game where teamwork makes all the difference.



Trust me. When Monday comes, Escalation will feel a lot better :smiley:

Also, Tac-Com/Marking is your best tool.

What Me0wMix said.

Also, keep track of player numbers( how many players are alive on each team ). Push when you have numbers advantage, defend when you’re down in numbers. Also, if someone on your team calls out 3 enemies in one location on the map you can assume you have max 2 enemies on you( naturally ). So be aware. It’ll help you make decisions on the go.
Oh, and remember to use your smoke grenades and use them smartly! They can make all the difference in a push.

And when you’re placing a weapon on the map, think ahead. You can shift the focus of action with weapon placements if need be. Also, if you consistently keep winning initial fights at a certain location, consider placing a weapon there. Likewise, if you keep losing a key initial fight, you might want to block that weapon slot or place a support weapon on mirrored weapon slots.

For example, if I have the front spawn on Reclaimed, I usually just rush the B ring as fast as I can because I have the shortest run to it. If I keep getting there well before the enemy, I often put Frag Grenades on the B ring so that I can quickly pick those up and throw them at the enemies( if they’re being held back by my team mates or slowed down by smokes ).

Of course, if that doesn’t work, I play the next round more carefully and use my smoke first as well. But if it works out as planned it almost always leads to us getting a quick triple cap. It’s a strategy I like to use.


Well thx but I’m never playing escalation ever again.Just lost 3 matches because everyone leaves or is afk as soon as it starts