Need this change applied ASAP

With the recent post of the re up changes we will need an option or section at the private lobbies Wich allows to check the teammate’s card level, due the boost there’s gonna be a lot of noobs and inexperienced players playing so will be hard to play …

I highly disagree with this personally.

I have no issue attempting to try and push someone through who may have a lower character level, at the end of the day we were all low levels once :slight_smile:


As much as I agree there will be people who boost to level 20, but have very slow skill cards, I wouldn’t want this feature. Otherwise it will create an environment where some hosts will micromanage the cards equiped by other players to the point it becomes extreme.

An alternative, may be to add some basic stats of Horde waves; and Escape chapters completed. People who boost by running up to the Ecape door and restarting or whatever, won’t be completing the chapter so their stats should reflect this.


Actually don’t need the card level, but knowing which cards someone sports could be interesting.
Not to yell at them but to set up your own cards accordingly.

Other than that, there has been boosts before…

I don’t want to discuss but with all respect u deserve sr u don’t play with them it’s unsoportive to kick people over and over and over cause they just want “carry” to their low level characters, with this new addition you guys must be concerned about how we can filter the players in our lobbys I’ll see a lot of high re ups with low level cards… Instead of promote farming and make the game more casual for the new ones you must think on the old players and the main example here is WHERE IS THE CARD SCRAP SYSTEM you guys never included it since launch day on porpouse that was the solution to retain players Just GRIND and if you’re lucky you maybe have the cards you need…