Need some tips to improve

So I’m extremely bad at the game, like really really bad. My main weaknesses are aiming accurately and doing pretty much any of the advanced movement. Beforehand my only reliable way of getting kills was the lancer/chainsaw and now that it’s been nerfed into uselessness I’m in a bad spot. I’ve played since Gears 1 and I was decent at Gears 3 and 4 but for some reason, I struggle to break double digit kills in this game. I really need some advice from experienced players because getting 10 straight Ls in a single session while going massively negative is demoralizing to say the least, lol.

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@TC_Clown, fine warrior, bless this thread with some of your successful, battle-hardened wisdom.


My advice:

  • practice in quickplay until ready to join ranked/competitive

  • practice when to hold your shot and get familiar with the chunk range

  • find your playstyle, there’s tips on yt but ultimately you’ll find what works for you

  • Lancer imo is still very useful, being a great teammate is just as important as being a slayer

  • keep tabs on power weapons and practice with them

  • learn the maps

  • learn the UP-A, Back-A, Wrap Shot, Blind Fire, Reaction, etc.

  • Know when to hard aim & when to hip fire

overall you’ll learn so long as you practice

when you’ve honed your skillzz, feel free to comment on this thread:


“Mouse and keyboard.”
-TC Clown, circa June 2021


Good answer :+1:

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Wait are you guys ripping on him or just playing around?

I literally opened this thread just to put “get a m&k.” but it looks like y’all have taken care of that for me.


David stop.


I AM playing m&k and I’m still trash :neutral_face:


It takes time to practice man, regardless of what you’re using to play, m&k or controller. This isnt for just gears, this is just in general. @Danny_Ucey the goat gave you some great tips for getting better at gears, just stick with it and you’ll be great in no time :wink:

Hold on. I think I know you. Do you play with Variable?

I do! He’s a good friend and we’ve played for years now.

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Variable like in math? Solve for X???

@grey_mineman , ahh man, my eyes are watery because it’s allergy season… :sob:


LOL! Yeah man I thought I recognized your gt. We’ve played together before.
Dude, you are far from trash lol. Definitely a solid player.

When you cry, I cry :sneezing_face:

Hero by Enrique Iglesias is our song :sob:

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@TC_Clown do you cry?

I can literally count the times I’ve cried in my life on one hand

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The Simpsons run time is the amount of times I’ve cried.


Today I got massacred in nearly every game I played. It was sort of a wake up call that I need to do better. I only have a K/D of like .98 :sweat_smile:

I can’t say I remember seeing you. Then again I have the memory of a flea so…

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