Need some info on skins

Hey guys, I’m a player who only recently got into gears 5 since like the fourth week of operation 3. And I’m still trying to catch-up with everything that’s happened.

But my question is, do some of the collector store skins come back such as collector’s onyx guard. And do you reckon some of the old operation skins will eventually come back as either scrap creation or iron purchase?

Or what do you think on the matter.

No one really knows to be honest…

They brought some popular character skins back in the store a while ago. (With adjusted prices too I believe)

They might do it again near the end of Operation 3. (Or during some special holiday etc.)

Previous Tour content might become craftable in the future. (Possibly only near the end of the game’s lifecycle) I have a feeling for this since the content remains visible in customization, even after the Tour is over.

But again, no one knows for sure… :relieved:

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They might as well do it should there ever be a pandemic where a majority of ppl is forced to stay at home .
Oooooooh, wait

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