Need some help with controller scheme

So here is my situation, I recently watched a video on Classic Alt and how to change the layout within 5 to make it play like Default. By doing this you slide into cover/bounce when you press the button versus when you release it. Not sure why I didn’t know this before but make a huge difference in movement. I am wanting to go back and play 4 more now and want to do the same thing but I cant figure out how to change my elite controller to do the same thing in 4.

In 5 you can change button mapping in the menus within the game but cannot in 4 and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to simulate it in 4. As I mentioned I use an elite and below is my layout. I have used this same layout throughout 4 and 5 and when I adjusted the mapping in 5 I did not have to change anything on the controller itself. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I hope what I am asking makes sense.

And for those that knows me…yes I was sober when I tried to figure this out on my own lol…:beers::beer:

Controller layout:

Triggers: no change

LB: is used for “B” and RB is used for reload

XYAB: No change to what they do

Sticks: No change

Left Upper Paddle: used as “A”…when I tap it the character slides or takes cover…when I hold it down it causes the character to roadie run

Right Upper Paddle: Tac Com

Thanks to anyone that can help me figure this out.