Need some help please

Anyone have any idea what could be causing the game to be so far out of synch that my character gets killed by a Warden while it’s still prying the Breaker Mace out of the floor and hasn’t even hit me yet ?.!Av_5CyHV6npukEktXhpKmvpWKZuc

The shockwave upon impact? Besides the Warden getting into the base in the first place I don’t see anything wrong here.

I got downed by the shockwave but killed without the cutscene or being hit.

That’s just the wipe - the last AI went down = everyone dead. And you most likely weren’t playing on Master so you still had exe-protection hence why the Warden didn’t kill you.

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Been playing lower level trying to figure the delay/lag again the last couple of days, got so caught up in that didn’t notice the wipe…lol


Closing as per Op request :slight_smile: