Need some guidance for the next gears book

Okay… so I’m planning on purchasing another gears book, I own Aspho Fields already and already read it.

I was planning on buying Ephyra rising but ive seen some of the reviews and I’m wondering if thats something I should read first or if I should just continue reading the Traviss books. Anyways, can anyone convince me other wise on what to buy next?

No Spoilers from me

But I do recommend Ephyra Rising. It gives alot of insight on certian things after the Imulsion CounterMeasure goes off. The book doesn’t go too far into the future after the ICM goes off, the book explains pretty much directly after and how they start to rebuild society.

You get to see a more human side of Marcus instead of angry 24/7 Marcus.

The Slab is also a very good novel as well. The only book I haven’t read is Coalitions End so I dont really have anything to say about that one.

I’ve heard some complaints like how Marcus acts “too romantic” or how people call Baird “Damon”. The second one is a bit silly because the only person to refer to him by his first name was Adam. I personally dont see it as a problem but I was reading some reviews.

Id say he’s a Post-War Marcus. The only person he has left that he’s close to is Anya. I really liked their relationship in the book, adds more depth to them even though they were main characters for 3 games already.

The Baird thing doesn’t make sense because Cole, Anya and Adam all refer to Baird as Damon. They always have in the games so I dont understand how thats a complaint. Cole has always called him Damon, as well. They have a stronger bond with eachother than everyone else does to them. Damon Baird is literally his name.


I figured that’s why hes expressing himself more. Or so I’ve heard. I understand grieving and the such but I’d imagine Marcus would want to enjoy the peace he has earned.


Exactly what he’s trying to do.


I would recommend reading them in order (it helps to play the games in order with them of course). That way they flow together and you can see the character and story development properly. Here is the timeline, which I’m sure most of you already know:

Aspho Fields, Gears of War Judgment, Gears Tactics, The Slab, Gears of War 1, Gears of War 2, Jacintos Remnant, Anvil Gate, Coalitions End, Gears of War 3, Ephyra Rising, Gears of War 4, Ascendance, Bloodlines, and Gears 5.

If you’re not too concerned about that, then I’d say go ahead with Ephyra Rising. I enjoyed it. I posted this review in another thread:
"The author got the characters mostly right. Some personality traits and actions/dialogue seemed a bit off, but it is a different world they all live in now. Perhaps not being under the constant stress and tension of war has changed some of them slightly. I try not to get too picky lol. I am happy with where the characters ended up after the war… their roles seemed very fitting and reflected each of them well.

… (edited to remove what may be seen as minor spoilers)

All in all I enjoyed it, and am hoping there will be more books to come."

I love all the expanded lore and highly recommend all of it lol.


Yk I might actually follow the timeline.

Plus I read Aspho first so that helps.

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Oh yeah. Bloodlines is a good book as well. An entire book about Gabe, which is a new character that I like alot. Very Intelligent Gear and natural leader. Hope to see more of him.

I was planning on reading the new era books at some point. But I’m more interested in the locust war era novels lols.

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I understand. Lol

Are they decent? Besides bloodlines?

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Ephyra Rising and Bloodlines are good. Ascendance is very very average.

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RIP lmao

I edited my other post to include Gears 4, 5, Tactics, and the Ascendance and Bloodlines books. Originally I figured most people know where they fit but decided to put them in jic.

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