Need some advice/tips on Gnasher fights

Well, I’ll start by saying that Gears of War is one of my favorite franchises of all time. And I’ll keep playing it. Recently I’ve started playing FFA ranked matches (interested on the initial masters skin set) and started pretty well, not winning though getting 2nd and 3rd places. I feel sometimes really bad, since in some matches I finished 6th (on Silver for the love of God) and I concluded that my gnasher “abilities” needed some polishing. I’ve seen several videos on YouTube on reaction shots, how to properly aim, but feel that’s not enough, not even close. I don’t know how to improve my skills on the gnasher (with its proper inconsistencies), I felt crushed on Silver. I really want to improve, thanks for reading all of this and hope everyone has a nice day.

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Best thing to do is just keep playing you’ll get there .
I find in free for all just run at everyone you see , have confidence in yourself .
And play at a high speed . Rush at players but be sort of methodical.
Get the first shot off , hit some over , pop shot , up a , or sit and wait to bait them with a back a

FFA the gnasher has an extremely high five range so remember that when you get close to someone in FFA

Only way to get better is to keep playing, find your perfect sensitivity and don’t rush into the shotgun battles Willy-nilly

Play more and keep practicing. FFA is tough and unless your’e way better than the rest of the field, a little good luck is needed.

Rather than running all over the place, try holding a section where you can use other players aggressiveness to your advantage. If you have some cover and holding an are near a weapon spawn it helps.

If you just rush in head down and Gnasher blazing you usually won’t do too well. I find when I start pressing like that I end up playing terrible. Play smart and aggressive when necessary. But also be patient when you need to. . Most of all, play IN CONTROL.

The biggest mistake I make is shooting when the opponent is to the right or left of my weapon rather then in front of it. Think I do it because of my hand tremors and strafe which throws me off more then the opponent.

Lately one would get more excitement stuffing the gnasher up ones ■■■■! Shooting marshmallows!

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I know, in some maps I found my perfect spot and sometimes get triple kills, but the game loves trolling me sometimes with the terrible spawn system and I end being killed one second after respawning or in some crazy gunfire haha

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My advice to you is, as some people says, to just keep playing… like this you’ll not only improve your skills but you will also learn how to predict opponents moves which I think it’s good part of the game (for example people will most of the time chasing you from their right side). For aiming you can use your character shoulder as reference.

Keep playing. But remember a couple of things. One is that, depending on how long you’ve been playing, you may not progress as quickly as you want. The gnasher is a skill I think that you pick up on relatively quickly at first (when I say that I mean the first 6 months to year or so of playing) and then the rate of progress decreases as time goes on. You reach a point of diminishing return. It’s like almost any other skill in life, really.

I think a good way to maybe somewhat jumpstart your progression is if you took some clips of yourself (maybe entire games) and had people watch, analyze, and critique. Most people probably find themselves with better things to do than that but it’s worth a shot to see what the community has to offer advice-wise. I wouldn’t mind offering mine (I’ve only been playing 3 years but I’m a fanatic) There may be something you’re doing or not doing that you didn’t think about.

I think aside from technical ability and the muscle memory that comes with it, there are other aspects you could be conscious of. One thing I’m really trying to work on is decision-making when you have milliseconds only. A very important variable that affects a match is each individual player’s skill, but there are also hundreds of decisions being made by every player during the course of a match and they have consequences and those consequences have consequences. It takes a ton of experience to even have the ability to make wise decisions, but then you have to work on the self control and discipline to implement them.

Lastly, realize the connection issues in this game are not to be overlooked and sometimes theyre to blame.

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Master your pre fire rushing back A and learn strafing
My accuracy is horrible . I get most of my kills taking the first shot or evade it, and going in for the one shot.

Yeah , that happens too. I hate when I spawn and there’s a guy practically right in front of me. No time to get see what’s going on.

I played a ranked FFA match about a week ago and won. 30-16 and played a pretty solid match given I’m not great at FFA. Final kill me and another guy downed each other. I got up a fraction of a second before him and chunked him to win. I thought I played pretty well and still only won by 2 kills. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

My advice to you is keep playing, learn strafing, and some wall bouncing. Like said above, post some clips of you playing and I’ll help where I can.

Something I’ve been noticing is that sometimes I’m getting killed outta nowhere, shots that don’t even kill me are now suddenly killing me, and also, am I the only one getting teleported/sudden lags??? Or is my internet connection? Thx for the reply

Never win a match so far… tried a lot but have 170+ ping all the time lol