Need SETTINGS help for playing on PC

I played ranked matches on PC for the first time today and the matches went well (4 games with no crashes, yay!) but I had a hell of a time with the interface on PC.

  1. Biggest problem; Every time I went to adjust the xbox app, vol, (or anything not in the game) Gears disconnected me and kicked me from squad. Even if I only did it for 2 seconds. How do I do things on my PC without Gears breaking it’s online connection?

  2. Party chat vol is MUCH lower than on console. I have to turn Gears volumes down to 3 and crank my headphones up to 11. Even then I can still barely hear anything because my friend’s voices are so low output. It’s the opposite on xbox. How do I raise MS party chat vol or get control over these settings?

  3. In the xbox app, I can’t join a friend’s party or game unless I get an invite. On xbox, I can see who is in their party and just join. I can’t do either in the PC app w/o an invite.

  4. Apparently, Gears in-game chat runs at the same time as party chat… I realized this when I muted my party chat to tell my wife something embarrassing about a rash and saw my mic was running in game chat, so the opponents were hearing me say this in the lobby (FML…). How do I control the two types of chat separately?

Thanks!!! This will make my gaming life much easier.

@GhostofDelta2 do you have any suggestions

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  1. This is the alt tab issue. It was introduced in the latest major windows update. Change your game from fullscreen to a windowed mode. This has been reported to to be an effective workaround (presuming you have 1 screen).

  2. I wish I knew how to fix this. I have volume on 1 for the game due to the massive disparity here.

  3. It sometimes requires a refresh of the app (hit F5) for you to see whether you can join their games or party as it seems to take forever for the xbox app to reflect whether or not a friend is ingame.

  4. There is an option in the audio settings for gears 4 to turn off the mic or have the mic only happen with push to chat.

Need anything else please let me know :slight_smile:


Many thanks. You are a wealth of info when it comes to this game on PC. I usually post here on a different account using my phone (and your help is what made me confident enough to build my gaming PC) but I happen to be logged into this acct on my PC.

One thing I noticed is that I have to get used to not having console input lag. lol. It’s really weird realizing how far I lead out my headshots and wallbounce actions because I’m so used to console delay.

Since I have your attention, maybe I can pick your brain about a couple more things;
-Is 1000Hz mouse polling really any better than 500? I’ve seen people say it’s better to do 500 because it’s not burdening the CPU during gameplay. But, I’m not exactly CPU starved (I5 8600) so I don’t know…

-I’m getting smooth gameplay at 4k and 60FPS (rarely dropping any frames) w/o overclocking my GPU. I’m averaging around 65 to 75% GPU use in VS play. But, this card OCs nicely and my GPU % drops almost 10% and temps stay the same (68 to 71 degrees) when using a stable, even somewhat conservative OC. Is it better for my gameplay to OC for the extra headroom during peak action or should I run stock based on those numbers I gave you?

-Speaking of headroom, why does pausing the game, sitting in a lobby, and getting killed throttle the GPU up to the 90’s??? I don’t even like to pause and walk away from a practice lobby because my GPU might sit at 92%. On the death screen, I’m in the 80’s. Map selection screen is as high as 97%. I’m hoping there’s a setting I can turn down that affects whatever is going on during these screens.

Thanks Ghost!

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Regarding the mouse: People have a TON of opinions when it comes to things like this. My opinion is that if it’s not causing any bottleneck issues, do what works for you.

Regarding the getting used to no input lag. I have a similar thing when switching from Aussie servers (co-op versus Ai and the odd social game) to ranked where I can only find games in the US/UK (and then back again). It certainly is weird changing from one to the other.

Regarding whether to OC or not. You said you are getting 4K 60fps (fantastic). I don’t know what presets you are using or what GPU you have, not what amount of frames per second your monitor can handle. My first reaction: If you don’t need to OC I would only bother if you want to have fun playing around with it. Are you suffering drops during heavy gameplay? Are you running on low or moderate presets?

Regarding headroom: Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea. I just did a match of co-op versus AI after being idle in the lobby for a while, my GPU temp actually went down when I found a match and started loading in, but eventually went up to just above lobby temp.

Edit: Xbox Beta app allows you to adjust party chat volume, super helpful with the audio issues.

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GPU is a 1070ti. I have a few settings turned down (mostly things I don’t like, such as motion blur and bloom) but am mostly on Ultra. In the benchmark, it’s pretty much consistently at 60fps (which I locked it to) with the occasional 59 during heavy effects (average reads as 60 though). Doesn’t seem that I need to OC the GPU but I didn’t know if having the extra headroom benefits anything, like making it more responsive, etc (esp regarding the memory clock).

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Elaborating on this, you don’t have to play in Windowed mode. You just have to switch to Windowed mode (Alt + Enter), then tab out, then when you want to play again, switch back to Fullscreen (Alt + Enter again).


Thanks for adding this :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, If you were having a GPU bottleneck here (without the CPU also being at capacity), it could give you extra breathing room and push out a few more frames. Otherwise you are working your GPU harder for no particular reason.

Some people love pushing the boundaries with this stuff, I personally am the opposite. I like functionality and reliability more than anything else.

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That’s my nature too. Though I’ve been building my own PCs for 15 years, I’ve never actually OC’d until now. I didn’t even try to see how far I could push it. I just looked at what others have gotten away with and went for 80% of that. lol.
Sounds like I don’t really need to bother for now. I’ll save that stuff for when Gears 5 drops.

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