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Need players for a master run or (team)

Looking for team players who know communication is key and want to win. Want good people nothing toxic, have fun all while being competitive. My gamertag is my name on here, add me or send a message and say you’re from the forums. Figured I’d find people that actually ain’t so negative and are in the same boat as me. Let’s have some fun!

Also master escape or horde? Both are stupid eady

What are you interested in running and what are your stats please.
This is a valid question because if you’re going after master we need to know what you’re willing to run and what your levels are.
For instance:
My highest character is Marcus at level 15
Second is JD at level 14
Third is Kait at level 11
and fourth is Kat at level 10.

I have bleed damage for both JD and Kait.
I also have a level 6 Emile with bleed damage on melee.

My other characters are in the 4 to 7 range and not of much use.

I’d like to try a master run with either JD or Kat. JD because he has the highest bleed of my characters, or Kat because I want to be an engineer if I can and you can let me know how you want to build your base and we can cooperate.

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I’m not being toxic, onyx knows where it’s at though, communication starts with the basics - preferred play style, levels and experience. You’ve shown me that you’re not really ready for non-toxic master runs man.

Kat sadly is very, very subpar to Del.


Maybe, but I’d rather be her than Del because I don’t like Del. She’s the only other engineer class right now and I know it sounds stupid but this is one of the biggest problems with the classes being tied to characters. I want the ability to choose who I want to be and I can’t do that in general. I’m forced to be someone I don’t want to be. In turn, it forces me to be someone else that is slightly less, but honestly Kat is not all that bad.

As a solo builder on Master, she is pathetic. But as a support engineer to Del she is very helpful.

Great for her life-saving Ultimate, repairing, and making initial purchases when Del’s prices become higher than her own.

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That’s why Del just asks jd to buy barriers so he can buy cheap shock sentries.

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Gamertag: OJ Simpson

just shoot me a message that you are adding me from here. you wont believe how many damn bogus invites and friend requests i get because of my gamertag.

I’ll add you this weekend OJ:slight_smile: , still gotta work tomorrow so no time for horde till I get back from work tomorrow

All of my classes except the dlc peeps are 18. Also most of their cards are at 4 and 5. Sorry for being so late, I really don’t keep up due to not getting notifications from here on my phone lol. I’ve already beat harbor, exhibit and asylum. Just tryna find a few people that like to challenge themselves and actually finish a game with the ability to take it serious. It seems very hard to find unless you actually have a group you either know or someone is on the same page as you. I could of been more with the details, yes but I wanted to see the effort come from the initiative of actually messaging me on xbox. So we both ain’t wasting time, considering how long a horde game takes these days lol. I’ve got some placement in those maps on the boards but I’ve heard them leaderboards are broken asf. Lol. If your looking for a decent player who works for the team, message me and lmk. I’m always looking for players too play and try hard with lol.

You’re already playing with me:>