Need New gears players on Horde and MP

Just tired of the bs teamates bruh, love the gears franchise wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much to be teamed/paired up with bums and scrubs who literally know nothing about being aggresive at the right time, blitzing, taking cover etc… Send me Gamertags or add mine -YFN Remy19

Are you from USA ? or… ?

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Lol add me bruh.I play Engineer or Heavy

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I’m pretty sure he plays in the USA he sounds really Ghetto American. If you know what I mean. I’m from South Jersey and people talk like this everyday.


Yup New Jersey

anyone can add me to play:)

Thank you, that’s very kind of you :blush:

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Im also having the same problems in random groups. Snipers who dont spot any targets, engineers who dont fix $hit, scouts who dont well Ughm [scout] soldiers wasting power at the fabricator, zero communication very frustrating. I am a OG from Gears 1. I wasn’t going to play until Gears 5 but I got 4 when they released it on PC. I prefer to roll on PC there is no advantages so I dont understand why they allow people to avoid cross platform. I have to get on my console just because it takes a half hour to find a match on PC sometimes.

Literally the only difference is I have to play with 60FPS on my monitor instead of 2000FPS. Although there are some games where I can see a significant advantage to KB+M Gears 4 is absolutely NONE so it just makes no sense why release it on PC for Cross platform if we cant enter the full matchmaking pool. If anyone thinks Mouse and Keyboards give a advantage they should simply plug one into their consoles. Otherwise so what we get more frames and better graphics on PC this is not a competitive advantage. I use Gamepad and always prefer PC. I just like the feel of gamepad better for shooters and only do KB+M on games like Fortnite when I can feel clear advantage vs someone with a controller.

Anyways I haven’t done much VERSUS yet I’m still getting used to the game again. I am trying to prepare for Gears 5 so I’m dabbing a little bit in Versus but still have many bad habits like ADS with the Gnasher when I need to just hip fire sort of stuff. I communicate well and would love to get in on some full parties for a Insane Hoard run to 50. I’m a decent engineer if people aren’t wasting everything the scout or scouts bring in but I am most comfortable at Heavy still. Definatly add me for Horde [HeadsnapTV] on XBOX Live

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You are making sense stop that lol just wait someone will respond and be hurt because they do exactly what you stated. The past few days I cant get past wave 14 because of people just trying to do insane and not even reup or picking a class that is so low leveled they should be in normal. I only play versus for the skins or achievements otherwise no way would i touch it.