Need help with raam

Just downloaded the gears of war ultimate edition on Xbox and I can’t beat raam on my own with the ai… dom gets downed straight away and raam just owns me after… could use some help if anyone’s free, I’m on Xbox COV CHRI5 if anyone can help me… and yeah I’m ■■■■ for not beating him on my own :joy:

Moved to Wanna Play…

Torque bow and grenades.

On hardcore anyway.

Torque bow shot or grenade to knock the kryll off of him then another TB shot to the head. It goes pretty quick like that honestly. Something like 8 or 9 shots with a TB and he’s done.

Yeah, all you need is explosives, throw a few frags at him, when the Kryll move tag him with torque twice and get some shots with your lancer and repeat. Best way to stop Dom from going down is sitting at the back cover and do as much damage to RAAM as you can before Dom pushes. This is the method I used on Solo insane and it has worked every time I’ve tried it.

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