Need help with possible hacker

Hi I just quit a game because I saw this PC player acting funny with his lancer. Too me it seems like he is hacking. I have two clips of him hipfiring his lancer and downing people almost instantly. His ping was well close to 200 as well so maybe it was just lag of some sorts idk. Could someone help me by telling me how to post the clips in this forum? Thank you

Assuming you took clips from your Xbox and they’re on your profile, you can go one of to:

and get the link from whatever clip it is. Just post the link.

actually there are hacks where you can fire one shot and make the game register that one shot as your whole clip i’ve seen it done before

Thank you I’ll try it in a bit. Been asleep from working all night.

Ok so this is the 2nd clip. I want to show this one first because the guy (mechanic baird) in question seems to be jerking his aim all crazy like while hipfiring. It also looks like he downs my teammate in the back of the truck just from hipfiring.

The now this clip that i recorded first is just me going down in a couple of shots from his hipfiring.

So what do you guys think is he a hacker or a guy who is just really good. Thanks for replying and watching.