Need help with new update

Hi I downloaded the new update and now all I get is this screen? image

Anyone else getting this?

Looks like you need to turn your TV around 90 degrees. It appears to be set on its side. :smiley:


My eyes


Check the prompts shown to let you deselect or select if you want to install the Hivebuster DLC. Then, assuming you use a controller, press X to continue. If not the prompt is shown on the bottom left anyway.

I had this screen too, it’s merely there to allow you to select which parts of the game you want installed and can be skipped if you don’t care about that stuff much, as you get to choose that later as well.

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I have no clue why the picture got flipped. Sorry about that. It looks like crap because I just resized it small

First thing I thought of… lmao