Need help with killing raam on train

I’m playing gears of war the first one and I’m trying to beat raam on the train could use some help. Gamertag is BigTexRules

Stay in the light, throw nades at him to disperse the kryll, then shoot him, repeat till he dies.
And don’t revive dom.

are you going for the achievement???

Try use LFG or something to see if people wants to help you out, or ideally ping @forum-mods to move the thread in the wanna play section where you’ll likely to get responses from people that may want to help you out.

Help section is largely for game and technical issues.

If you’re playing the original try getting him to move towards one of the stone pillars he’ll get stuck and most likely won’t attack you.

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I’m stuck at that bit on insane, done all other skills with no real issue.
Strangely managed it on UE first time, with me and mate both not even getting dbno.

Using the troika (if you can make it to it) is the easiest. Probably won’t get it the first time though:). Run past Raam, around back of the platform, and unleash fury.

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