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Need help with gilded jd

I was playing horde trying to compete gilded jd and my kills aren’t counting can i do something about this

how are they not counting ?, i am pretty sure even private horde is tallying up kills

what mode are you playing ?

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Im playing horde

public match
private match

which one ?

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It might take a while for the kills to show up, if you check it may be more accurate.

I’ve played both

track it in road to gears 5

also send my gt a fr and i will help you get some of it done in horde
gt is this name posting

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Is there anything I can do to get my kills updated? I’ve got over 2500 but still lists me at 805 when I check online

Do you mean you have gotten 2500+ since the challenge went live? It isn’t retroactive.

Ok, I didn’t know it wasn’t retroactive, thanks for the info.

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No worries bud. Happy hunting.