Need help with Complete Resurrection

I’ve watched a couple of videos and read up on a few posts online, but have not been able to understand why I have not yet gotten this ribbon to pop. It’s the last ribbon I need for “Chest Candy” so any help would be appreciated. I’m copying my posts from the TrueAchievements forums below. I hope my wording is clear.

I played a couple games of Dodgeball in a session and we got the Big Ol’ Hero ribbon twice. However, we did not get Complete Resurrection. We made sure to get all 5 of us to spawn in before killing the last guy on the other team. What am I missing here?

Forum user response:
“It doesn’t pop for the person who got Big Ole Hero. It should pop for everyone else when he gets Big Ol’ Hero and you are back to 5. Its not hard to win the match against casual bots before the 5th guy spawns in, so you have to make sure it says 5 to 1 before getting that last kill.”

That makes sense to me. But, I watched a couple of videos (URLs at the bottom) and those players are getting Complete Resurrection in the same situation that I was getting Big Ol’ Hero. I’m getting confused by what the difference between the two is haha.

I’ll answer my own question. Figured out the way to get it last night. Our group killed one enemy (doesn’t matter which player does this) then all but one player gets killed. Now, start reviving your team as you would for “Big Ol’ Hero.” Make sure the last member of your team respawns. Once everyone is back, the ribbon should pop. Go ahead and finish off the last enemy to win the round.