Need help understanding the new Ranked system? Here you go

The ranking system as most of you know seems a bit off or at the least unassuming. Hopefully this will help you understand it a lot more clearly.

Here you can see the 3 dots, they represent a milestone corresponding to the “LEADERBOARDS & REWARDS” tab at the bottom of your screen.

This is whawhat you get for reaching each mile stone and what it takes to get to it.

Your score is what it takes to be at your given tank. For example, I have 256k (my “SCORE”), so I’m in top 10k of people (my “RANK”) on ranked for leaderboards.

Hopefully this helped a hand full of you still wondering about the system, never understood till I sat around talking to a friend and realized it. Happy hunting!





Is that the next Einstein, Dana Sissons himself? Man, what a blast from the past.


I get the ranking system, but I do not get match making lol. There is no way the game thinks I am good enough to play against almost pro level players, and honestly I have no business nor do I want to play with or against players like that.

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POV: Op is explaining the new ranked system.

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TC already admitted it’s not working. At all. I’m sure they’ll fix it with the mid-drop. Until then I would stay away from Comp unless you like playing Russian roulette with the matchmaking.

I got medals to grind and there is no grinding with the match making in this awful state lol. I’m dropping out until match making will at least put in a match where I at least have a chance to win instead of the current nah i’m just not gonna play system lol.

Could the ranking system be any more simple or boring than this…I’m not sure if it’s possible.

Bring ranks back

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Between this and the broken insta-red omen, it’s like I’m back at launch.


Oh! Wait! I may actually not fully understand the system lol.

Does losing a match cause you to lose points or do you still get points towards you markers?

so you cant lose points and go down in rank? so i assume the top ranks are going to be simply people who play alot and get alot of points?

i personally have no problem with this system as long as they fix the ranks that determine who you get matched with.