Need help to submit a versus/ranked related support ticket

I was playing ranked TDM this morning.

I am currently Onyx 2.
I found a match and the voting screen popped up.

Some player quit during the voting screen and a message popped up stating, “Lobby dissolved due to player quitting”.

Yet the game still took 1500 GP from me, for no fault of mine.

I need help to submit a support ticket, to report this issue.

The Support Categories is : Technical
The Subcategory is : Versus/Ranked (Matchmaking)

But I can’t figure out what to select under “Topic”.
The dropdown menu under “Topic” does not give any option related to what I faced today, as you can see from the photo above.

@TC_Sera or @TC_Kilo1062 could you please help me to choose what appropriate option to select in order to get the support ticket submitted properly?

PS: This may be a minor issue, and maybe TC might not even respond to this support ticket.
But once you reach Onyx rank and above, it becomes hard earning GP. Ranked versus becomes a grind. I know I would eventually play more matches and recover my lost GP, but I feel it is a bit unfair I lost GP for no fault of mine.

My friend also faced the same problem along with me, so we both would be submitting a support ticket as soon as you suggest what option to select.

Thank You.

UPDATE : I just logged in to Gears tonight, and noticed that my GP got automatically refunded. Not sure how that happened.

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Is there no option for “bug” as this TCs way of describing something thats broken.

There is actually no option for bug under ‘Support Categories’

I think ‘Bug’ means technical?

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