Need Help Staying Connected In Versus

I can connect and join Versus matches. The server kicks me within one(1) minute after joining regardless of what game type I play.

Campaign works fine. I’ve tried EVERYTHING between hard resetting my xbox, deleting Gears 5 just to redownload it and yes restarting my wifi and waiting 5 minutes. Nothing works.

I cant even play Gears 4 Versus or join in my friends lobby.

I can however play OTHER games online. So I dont believe it’s an error on my end. If so please let me know.

My gamer tag is : HOT FRIEZ KING


If you respond please pass it along to the rest of the team and get back to me. Been trying since early release. Please at least give me an answer.

Thank you and congrats on Gears 5. Cheers.

Same for me on horde.

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