Need help installing Gears 5 on pc

Having an issue where i can’t install gears of war 5 on my pc. i’m getting error code 0x80073cf3, I’ve attempted to do WSRESET and checked to make sure i have the latest windows update, but none of that works. Please halp

What version of Windows are you on?

Press the start key and type in “winver” (minus the quotation marks) and press enter. It’ll display a window with the version info.

Get that, post it here as a reply to me and then we’ll go from there :+1:


version 1903 (OS build 18362.418), and thank you :slight_smile:

Why do you desire to play gears 5 on pc my fren

Cheers :+1:

Next question. Did you buy the game outright, or are you using gamepass?

bought it outright, but i also have gamepass


Next :smiley: have you tried using the Xbox beta app to install it?

Also, give this a whirl:



Good to see someone trying to help in here, feels refreshing. Keep up the good work.

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I’ve had so many issues with TCs games on PC and with the Microsoft store that I really want to help others who suffer from the same stuff.

Error codes these days are generally a joke, consisting of “ooops, something went wrong :(” or error codes that lead nowhere (like the recent server outage code that had no results).

These things can be a nightmare to figure out even if you’re a seasoned PC user, nevermind someone less technically minded.

As a developer myself, I find this new age of pointless error messages infuriating. You need more information to help users, not less. :roll_eyes:


This game is by far the most broken installation experience on Windows store. If you want to make things easy, just install it on the C:\ drive. But tbh the game isn’t great so you might wanna play something else lol

Tried using the xbox beta app, that didn’t work, will try following the instructions on the link and let you know how that goes. Also thx for helping :slight_smile:

followed the instructions and it worked. Thx again HUG3NEWB :smile:

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