Need help ! Having problems with the ranking system

Hey everybody I’m having some serious problems with this game on my account. I actually think the coalition placed a lock on my ranks . I just realized this a few weeks ago and I’m not sure how long this has been going on for , but my wins do not count . My percent doesent move. Normally I’m not the kinda person to get mad if my percent doesent move, but my matches do not even count ! When winning matches , my matches won along with matches played stays the same ! No matter how many games I play my tdm wins are still at 1477 , even after won 60 games in a row and waited two days for the website to update . Then after my 61st game in tdm I lost one and dropped from 80% to 9 % in one game !!! And of course the loss counted and added a plus one to the number of matches lost! This is complete garbage ! So basically all I can do is play the game , not rank up , and only loose percentage . I am diamond in tdm, dodgeball, and guardian, and I’m very close in king of the hill and execution . Now I cannot even get the diamond character because it’s actually impossible to move up! The worst part is , I have tried at least three times a day for the past week to reach the coalition and they literally ignore me ! I have tried calling , twitter posts , messaging them , emailing , and etc . This is the last place I’m gonna try before I just stop playing this game for good ! And normally I would not care and make a new account, but I have spent hundreds or dollars on their stupid esports packs. Funny right ? And I can’t even get a single reply saying “hello”? If anybody is having the same problem or issues please let me know but as far as I know it’s only my account having this problem.

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Please post rank related issues in the Official Thread found here;


Yes… Please, keep all discussions regarding the Rank System on the thread provided below. This allows TC to track, and respond in one location.

Thank you.