Need help! Anyone

All of my friends are playing gears but I cannot and I have never had an issue. I am located on the East Coast I have reset and restarted my Xbox and modem and router. I am currently reinstalling my game to see if that works. I did not see any messages about being banned so I do not believe that to be the case. If I did get banned how would I even know

What do you mean you cant play gears?
Can you not launch the game?
Can you not find a match?
Does the game just crash?
More details needed.


Really. I mean I cannot play the game yes of course the game loads up and everything just fine when I go to multiplayer when I go to competitive matchmaking it says I cannot connect to the servers

Well your not banned, it would say if you where. In this case Reinstall should work.

It better other than getting booted from a match every once in a great while I’ve never had an issue

Have you checked for updates? If you haven’t logged on for a while, it could be that you missed an update. If that’s the case you may just need to download it (although you normally get a message saying that your version of the game isn’t compatible or something)…

Did you test any other modes like campaign, Horde, Escape etc?

Close but no cigar… I play everyday I miss nothing

He’s on console - the game wouldn’t launch an oudated version of the game if he’s online.

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Game has now been re installed. The same thing a connection to the Gears of War services is required to play online. Yeah I can do anything I want online all the way X Box but play Gears after everything that I have tried also I am on one of the new Xbox series s consoles which I’ve had for a few weeks and has worked fine for a few weeks and I have played gears on it for a few weeks LOL. So I do not know if that matters

Hardwired or wifi?

Hardwired always hardwired. And what really makes me mad is I just reinstalled the game eyes shut the game down and restarted the game and all of a sudden it pops up free boost weekend. Which I I am of course aware of but this is the first time I’m seeing it so it tells me that it’s a free boost weekend but I still can’t play still not connected to servers LOL

Try to see if it will connect on wifi

I am having the same issue. Thought it was my router when I tried to connect this morning. Tried again this afternoon and I get the same error “cannot connect to gears 5 online service”…I’m currently re-installing the game to see if it works but im not hopeful. Im using WIFI and tried Sea of Thieves and Halo 5 and managed to connect no problem. Gears 5 won’t let me connect to the online service. I have 1300 hours in multiplayer. Playing on Series X.

Open the game and once your on the main menu go into your network settings and click “go offline”, reopen the game and sit on the menu for a few seconds then go back to network settings and clikc “go online” or something like that, then reopen the game and see if it jumpstarts it and gets it to connect


Well your going to have to try your luck with a ticket.

Yep did that last night

Is it a problem on any other games, perhaps?
How is your internet performing, done a speed test for example?
NAT settings okay?

Oh yeah speed test good! Nat is open