Need Gears 4 achievements partners!

Some achievements really need partners! Contact me if you want! XBL ID is same

What kind of achievements?

Ribbon, Ironman co-op and some horde ones

Oh f that ironman campaign. So many harddrive save-wipes just on the motorcycle section alone. Then there are the times when the bots would just die by the environment even when I made it through.


Yeah, my first try simply ended in motorcycle section, but after that, firestorm and so on are still a pain

Wonder if there’s any “savedata file copy” method work, my G5 Ironman campaign relies on that

The same save wipe you can use in Gears 5 works in Gears 4 to reset your progress, should you ever die for one reason or another. I never bothered attempting 5s campaign in Ironman, but I did 4s and used the save wipe occasionally when getting the coop achievement… using two controllers. Because the sections where you can’t easily pass using splitscreen(motorbike section of act 2, the cable ride in act 4 chapter 1) can be circumvented by pausing and quitting after getting the final checkpoint for the last section, then reconnecting the second account and continuing. It’s still going to count it as a coop completion.

G5 Ironman can copy ur savedata to continue after u die, wondering if G4 has the same method, I can’t find where files are

You’d have to ask someone else. Not a PC player.

I’m PC. AFAIK G5 has Ironman save files, but I haven’t found G4 yet

Oh you’re on pc. Yeah, no clue there.

Pretty easy to do on an xbox one as you rely on synced cloud saves to restore back to after wiping the local save data.

On a pc the saves are probably in a hidden file buried deep in your system user profile somewhere.

Ive been avoiding windows-based PCs since Windows Vista bricked the one I had at the time.