Need Codes? Take a Look. Only if you need Del Lancer, Or Swarm Lancer. Also One week of XBLIVE and one week of Gamepass

Hey guys, if you have entered the codes upto the lancer set and still need either a Del Lancer or Swarm Lancer, whisper me with a screenshot of your lancers as proof you need it and ill pm you back. As for the Xbox Live week and Game Pass Week, Giving them both away to whoever PM’s me first with proof they have no XBL or Gamepass

And ■■■■ Rockstar Zero Silver, what the hell is it suposed to taste like, booty sweat from a sumo wrestler.
Ive only been drinkng sugar free drinks for the passed 2 years, i managed too find 2 fruit punch once… and they were so ■■■■■■■ good… worth the cheat lol… every single other one… Silver Zero Sumo Booty Swear

My code will give you Del Lancer, aslong as you have 5 previous codes put in.

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I noticed you are from Canada, I’m in Nova Scotia, I can’t seem to find the cans anywhere, do you mind me asking what store you got them from so I can look here?

Dollarama , Macs Convinnce, Walmart

But there selling out QUICK i can barely find any.

Great thank you so much! I checked Walmart this morning they are out but I will check the others.

PMed you

i need a Circle K code which is the last one if you have anymore