Need advice for farming gold perks

I was wondering how horde calculates it’s rewards. When you select a difficulty the circle thing in the bottom left corner starts to turn sections into blue, purple, gold ect. Is that like “this tiny fraction of gold is your chance of getting a great perk” or “This little section of gold is an amount you get and once you fill an entire circle you will get a gold perk” If Im making any sense.

I mostly main Kat and Jack. I’ve a thing for supports. I lvled Kat before I found out Del has twice as many perks. By the time I learned this I already sunk a good amount of time into her and I prefer her ult over Dels. Id like to upgrade her Halo perk for slightly better survival but I’m no way going to spend scrap for that cause of the cost.

I was playing advanced in the custom games but those don’t have any gold in their reward circle. I started doing elites but my issue is most of those lobbies already have a Del. There’s not much need for 2 engineers and since Del can build things cheaper I’m mostly stuck on repair duty. Does his discount work on upgrades? There’s always need for a good Jack but playing as Jack won’t get me cards for Kat. I don’t think Jack has any golds does he? I got explosive hijack so I’m not looking into any other perks I’m missing on him.

My Kat is 16 and she is pretty much my main.
Jack is like 11 who is my back up. Really hard to find an engineer who values upgrading the forge over their damn sentry turrets that give nothing back.
JD is like 10. Working on getting razor hail but JD is almost always taken.
Everyone else is like 3-7.

If I want to farm golds without going to max difficulty what would be the best modifiers to turn on for that?
Since there’s almost always a Del already in a lobby do I have to start making my own lobbies and waiting for others to join?

I would guess it’s better to level up Kat in Inconceivable Escape.

But Jack in Horde, I don’t know much about that one.

I think this is how it works. It shows the chances e.g. there’s an x% chance to get a legendary card with the difficulty you do. You don’t get legendary rewards with e.g. intermediate.

TC did a good thing with unlocking cards through character level so you can make sure you get a specific card.

However, the RNG is still bad.

This is the part TC (@TC_Octus) could improve. Did an Elite game and got only green cards. It would be better e.g. if slots 1+2 give greens, slot 3 greens + blues, slot 4 blues + purple, slot 5 purple and gold.

The scrap you get with the supply drops is not enough to really level your cards.

I don’t see a way to farm legendary cards. It’s still luck and not in our favor. TC cut the lootboxes but they weren’t the problem it was the bad RNG.

I do the following to get in a game with random players on higher difficulties:
I search for custom games, sort by diff and join a game with 4 people in progress. You can see how the players do their job… but Del is usually taken.

That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing. If I’m lucky i’ll find a room that’s already started and someone backed out. By then the base is already setup and they don’t mind a 2nd engineer because they need more people to repair while Jack smelts.

I assumed the circle with the colors represented your chance for each rarity of card. You earn a card every 5 waves, I would think playing waves 1-5, or 1-10, on the highest or nearly the highest difficulty would be the easiest way to farm, though playing matches 1-50 with a good squad at higher difficulties may be more efficient but tougher.

I saw a youtube that showed to unlock each modifier you just had to complete a map with the previous modifier enabled. Which means you can walk your way up to master on each map only needing to equip one modifier (the latest unlocked one). Also, you can probably do this by starting on level 50, and just finishing that wave. You need to do this for each map that you want to unlock modifiers for.

I haven’t personally tested these methods, but I gather this from the forum posts I’ve read and youtube videos that I have watched.