Need a clan for gears 5

I’ve Been playing gears since the original and looking for a decent group to dive into gears 5 GT: ONYX GNASH

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You’re about 3 months early here.

Stating out the obvious.

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Looking for a clan
10000 plus ranked wins
D4 every season
Great at wallbouncing and team strategies

I’ve invested money into this new competitive clan i made we are most definitely aiming for pros or have our members go pro so hmu if you need more info

Yes I’d be interested in seeing how you guys play

Still doing this ?? I need one 2

Ive played every gears game instream on twitch and i ha e some clips on YouTube im looking for a clan and wanna see if we can enter some tournaments and stuff if yall are on the same page hit me up

My GT is capulin23ttv so is my twitch and YouTube channel
Here is a clip of gears UE
Watch “Gears of war UE sniper montage GoW UE” on YouTube

Looking for a decent group to play with.

I’m looking for a decent group to play with Dm me
My GT is BigNoob XDDD