Nearly impossible for U.K. players in the evening?

It’s become almost impossible to play in the evening after 7pm, I live in Scotland. I don’t know if it’s a server issue or something else, but it’s ridiculous. 3 point blank shots and nothing, then I get killed and says 6% damage, really???

It’s getting worse daily!!


Yeah I actuallt agree. When I play during the day I do preetty decently but then when I play past 7pm I do really poorly and the hit markers show that my shots hit but then when I die it says I apparently didn’t do any damage to them at all.

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Exactly the same with me. I seem to get shot once and dead, I need to shoot multiple times close range just to down an opponent :man_shrugging:t2:

Totally agree the U.k has no server access so high pings and bad games… Where are the servers I really have had enough of this game stuff the shop and your microtransactions up your ■■■ TC.

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Yeah when I was playing ranked (in the UK) up until a few days ago, pings and playing experience definitely got worse later into the evening. It definitely isn’t fixed as they claimed it was. I’m a bit of a night owl and some of the games I played in the middle of the night were genuinely hilarious.

I was playing for a few hours this afternoon and it was great, game behaved as it should, I know if I was to play now that it’s evening, it would be all over the place again!!

Once they fix the eu servers, I might play again

Same. I’ve just resigned myself to only being able to play versus in the day.

TC need to fix this. No feedback. Worst gears ever. 90 to 100 ping every game it’s ridiculous

Honestly I have to say this game is really broken and needs major fixing and I thought Fallout 76 was broken when I first played it but Gears 5 really takes the cake.

EU servers are ostensibly in Dublin/Amsterdam.

To OP, same country and same issue.