Near Complete New Enemy Rotations Spreadsheet

Great job. I don’t mean to be negative but with TC, things can change in the blink of an eye without notification as that is their SOP (Standard operation procedure).

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Thanks! And yeah I’m sure the lists will change when the Lambent group of enemies comes out. Hopefully the changes aren’t too drastic but we’ll see.

They showed up once on a 1-50 on Harbor on Wednesday morning, but the Flock boss spawn does seem more common.

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Great job @RelaxingKoty and thanks for your time and effort!
It’s always good to know what to expect. Previously I would only distinguish the “ spawns” by whether we get Juvies and imagos or robots at the beginning. If we get Juvies I know we got the harder spawn.
Now I know what to expect and be prepared.


Id love if we were able to fight a mega mech as a boss. I like the DBs as enemies so having some bigger baddies would be neat.


Thank you! If we know whats gonna spawn, we can prepare accordingly.

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So… Carrier is removed?

I fought a carrier yesterday.

Is it still a Boss, or is it downgraded to a mini-Boss?

still a boss.

AWH S**T YEAH! I do enjoy a good spreadsheet. Easily one of the most helpful topics on the forums. Tis a shame we can’t get these pinned because there a few topics that a really useful but get lost in the swamp lol.

Any way thank you very much for this.


Its a mini boss that can only spawn on wave 15 sadly lol its been this way since the wakaatu was added on op5

Fixed it for ya lol.

YES, a giant Metal GEAR! I’d take it lol.

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Alright this is a genuine but stupid question — is horde hard? Like obviously it’s hard if you don’t know what you’re doing, or suck at it — but are there maps and/or settings that only like 1% of the actual horde playerbase can clear?

Or, can mostly all of the horde kids clear everything and it’s all about how to do it the fastest and smoothest. I used to play an MMO and I’m trying to get a sense of what horde/pve0 is actually like if you’re good at it.

I mean they could make more DB variants in 6. Like some “elite” DBs weilding Lancer GLs as well.

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DB Commandos! Would make a nice Mortar stand in lol.

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yeah because we only have two variants of normal DBs. Deadeyes and classic shepards. I would like some more.

Agreed. They could use some more ranged and flusher variants. Plus they don’t seem to Throw shock grenades anymore…

Its not difficult in the slightest if you have half a brain. Just the general horde playerbase makes it hard for themselves because they can’t read lol

The only map that provides somewhat of a challenge is Pahanu but even then it’s not really difficult with a good team. Theres a super fun and difficult setup on Overload where you keep the fab in the middle where it spawns but turn it 90 degrees and then everyone can take and defend their own room with the engineer providing fortifications. Its really fun if you can get the waves going but if one person makes a mistake then it usually goes to hell lol

they should, but im sure in 6, we will get even more new COG weapons and maybe some UIR weapons being brought back and introduced? since Paduk is back it would only be fair.

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