Near Complete New Enemy Rotations Spreadsheet

Was wondering which enemies exactly spawn with each “Army”. So I spent the majority of my day making a spreadsheet of each enemy that spawns on each wave. There are 3 distinct Armies and you can tell which one you have by the Flushers and “Drone” type enemies that Spawn on wave 1 or on the wave after the boss wave : Shock Trackers/Peace Makers, Juvies/Hybrid Locust, Leeches/Imagos. Each have their own Army and Bosses that can spawn. All testing was done on River.

Now even though I played all day listing each enemy I saw, I know the list isnt complete and was looking to have some people from the community help me complete it. Basically, if you look at the list and see that an enemy on a wave that you saw isnt on the list just reply and Ill add it.

The enemies that are on the list currently are 100% the enemies that spawn. I didnt add them to list unless I saw them with my own eyes or saw their name in the killfeed. This is 1-50 Only. Does not Include Horde Frenzy Enemy List and also does not include the Lambent enemy set as they are not in the game yet.

Also theres some abbreviated stuff in the sheet, just know that “L” is short for Locust and “S” is short for Swarm. “Palace Guard T” stand for Palace Guard Torque Bow and “Palace Guard L” stands for Palace Guard Lancer. Palace Guards can pick up any weapon on the ground, but I wanted to make sure i knew when each one would spawn. Also, please excuse the spelling errors in the spreadsheet. Im sure there are many lol

May 1st List Edit : Played a few more games and saw new enemies on waves i didnt catch or see before
Deebee Waves
- Added Oppressor and Deadeye to Wave 4
- Added Boomshot Scion, Mulcher Scion, Warden and Sire to Wave 8
- Added Boomshot Scion to Wave 10
Imago/Leech Waves
- Added Hunter to Wave 4
- Added Warden, Boomshot Scion and Pouncer to Wave

May 19th edit
-added baseline enemy set for Juvie/lambent army.


Good work man, I love these kind of things.
Nothing comes to mind right now but if I get to play today, I will try and keep an eye out for something not shown.

Oh and I am trying to make a spreadsheet that shows weapon damage and enemy health. Am just missing a few entries (a few enemies and the Scorcher)


Thatll be a good thing for the community to use as well. I only really know what the Gnasher, Overkill, Breaker Mace and Claw Damage is because I only play Kait and Lahni lol

I started it a long time ago, forgot about it and then remembered it. Then I decided to find out the enemy health values because you know, I gotta know these things.

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This list seems accurate so far, and is pretty comprehensive.

I’ve noticed that not just Swarm Hammerburst Drones and Swarm Longshot Snipers are missing from Horde, but also the Swarm Gnasher Grenadiers.

IMO these guys should replace the Locust versions for the Imago and DB sets, while the Locust Versions should obviously be with the Hybrid and upcoming Lambent set.

Really dig the way they comboed the enemies so far. Anyone find it funny that the sneaky Hunter Elites show up before the regular Markza ones? And that Therons replace them later despite not having cloak or smokes? Seems to work out gameplay wise, as the sneaks are a mid-wave challenge, while the Markzas are passive, evasive, late-wave support, same with the more obvious Therons while tougher enemies push in. It really seems like some thought was put into how these sets were arranged.


Thanks! Michael Shannon replied to someone on here a few days ago saying that the buzzkill scions are part of the lambent group of enemies coming in the next update but i dont think he said anything about the 3 you just mentioned.

Might just be me but I really like how i have to fight swarm grenedier elites and locust grenedier elites at the same time. its just cool seeing the old and new enemies working together to fight us.


He had actually replied to me myself. He did say that the Swarm Hammerburst and Longshot drones had been removed due to memory limitations per wave, but I kinda am still confused as to why they can’t just be in separate sets of armies from the Locust versions.

He didn’t say anything about the Swarm Gnasher Grenadiers though. Maybe I’ve somehow missed them without realizing it. I like the look of these guys with their helmet visor.

I don’t mind them being mixed, as they kinda have to be to a certain extent (especially for things like chainsaws and Frags), but at the same time it would still be nice to have some sort of aesthetic theme to differentiate the set armies a bit more.

I gotta say though, Juvies and Locust Hybrids look really cool together, and so do Locust Drones and Grenadiers with Scions.

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Juvies and Diaper Drones and Imagoes just belong together. You’ve got the child, the recently matured one and the drone in a diaper. Imagoes just want to potty train him.


The regular swarm grenadiers are definitely gone too. i havent seen any of them.

yeah this would be nice too, i can appreciate a theme to armies but also like the absolute clusterf*ck of enemies that happens at the moment. I think the absolute best thing to happen would be to have a Swarm Army, Locust Army with all the old enemies like all the boomers, serapedes, bloodmounts, and a Deebee army. There would need to be more Deebee enemies to fight tho to flesh out the Army. Obviously this wont happen for Gears 5 but I am extremely grateful for all the work that Michael Shannon has already done for the game.


Generally agreed. Kinda feels like Anything Goes from Gears 4 to an extent with the crazy mix.

And yeah, DBs need to have their army fleshed out a bit in the future. Obviously won’t happen for Gears 5 unless they do some reskins, kinda like for the Locust and the rest of their units from previous games.

Michael Shannon has done absolutely fantastic work with what he has available to him so far and I’m so glad for all this.


No, get rid of the stupid robots

They are boring to play against


You don’t mind if I add your data to this big spreadsheet I am making right? I will credit you if you are cool with me adding it.

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They are not!

I find them funny, and just as satisfying when they explode as the monsters are when they get gibbed.

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So whenever you see a Juvie or Imago in the first wave, you already know you have the hardest set on hand. :sweat_smile:

Not only the bosses but those Hybrid Retro guys seriously hurt.

Great list. Curious whether that changes again if you play with lesser players (especially solo).

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I had a warden on wave 8 - 12 earlier it was madness…

That’s where I think they are lacking

They just don’t have that gib explosive effect as the swarm with the bloody pieces flying everywhere

Shooting them has the same effect as destroying environmental objects

To each their own I guess. But IMO that effect seems well done on them to me.

The only things I don’t like about DBs are the fact that Trackers still stun you when destroyed (same with Rejects), and how DR -1s and Rejects can’t have their self-destruct animation interrupted once it starts. Otherwise, they are all good to me.

Go right ahead. No problem.

Ah, that explains why I’ve seen so many more Snatchers in the past few days, they are in two sets, interesting.

Great work!

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I got a general list going while playing solo with no bots. When I was listing everything I never got a pouncer or bastion while I was the only person in the game.

Wouldve been nice if they kept the carrier an actual boss on 1-50. Also I’ve played a few 1-50s and have not gotten sentinels in an actual game. So I restarted a private match by myself on wave 45 and it took me 9 times to get sentinels to spawn. It seems like the double flock miniboss is more common. Could just be me though.