Neally an Hour to find a game on pc

Neally an Hour to find a game on pc what the hell is going on TC poeple will stop playing you say to find a game 1min wait time ITS A JOKE it takes anywere from 30-60min


What mode are you searching for? Where are you located?

Many players such as myself have crossplay turned off which doesn’t help the issue. You may have to find a US player if you’re from another country to bring you into a lobby as it’s more populated. I have a few PC friends I play with from the USA and we find games quickly.

Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do to sort it out if there aren’t enough players to pair you with.

KOTH and im in EU

Yeah, another player complained about this a few minutes ago on these forums. It’s a limitation of 2 things:

1.) The playerbase in Europe isn’t as large as the USA and it’s early morning there.

2.) You’re on PC so you’re also battling against those that have disabled ranked crossplay. Your player pool is shallower than an Xbox user and even Xbox users struggle.

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same here =/ south america region…