NCOG Pack drop rate

How many packs did it take you guys to get an NCOG gear? Ive spent 16k and i havent got either of them. Ive got all the skins though.

50k c spent. 4 or 5 ncog.

6 Packs both chars

Only 6 weapons though

Spent 20k, and not one.

I think it was around 56,000cr. I got about 7-8 duplicates of the female character before I finally got the male one. There’s nornally always one card that eludes me for ages. Overall 56,000 is close to the average it takes me to get the whole series.

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Opened one pack got:
NCOG emblem
Sonar overkill
Sonar dropshot
Liquid chrome overkill

For the first time ever i got a character in the very first pack. I bought 5 initially. I’m ocd so i had to finish the set, ended up spending 50k.

I’m normally pretty lucky with packs but I’m definitely not with these.

All weapon skins in 8 packs is pretty good.

I usually always spend 50k initially, opening all those packs at once seems to get me the entire set every time.

Bought 13 packs or 26k credits and got all the weapon skins and both characters with 1 duplicate character.

Bought 6 packs got 4 char, 1 male 3 fem dups lol

36,000 spent, I still need the snub.

Got everything apart from enforcer in nine packs.

For me 10 packs