NCOG Marine in Gears 5?

The NCOG Marine was a really cool skin, and it added something different to the usual COG armors. It made the COG feel like it had more diversity in it’s troops.

Hopefully they release this skin for Gears 5 soon.

Like the Onyx Guard, I want the COG Gear to have a lot of different, in-universe armors from different divisions of the COG forces.


Yeah they were pretty cool skins, I just hope they dont make the male versions so clunky this time around. Always felt better using the female version, same with UIR

NCOG was the first time we could play with as a character wearing that helmet variant, I really liked it. I just wish the gears could get some new voice actors or maybe add the stranded looking gears from Gears of War 3’s first act

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