NAT Type keeps switching XB1

I need help. I am playing Gears 5 on XB1. I live in a place with no internet so I have to connect via a cell hotspot. As of a week ago, everything was fine & I could play horde with no problem. Now, I keep lagging out of any game I try & play. I started watching my network settings on my XB1 and while in Gears 5 at the multiplayer menu my NAT type is open & all services available. When I load into a horde match I play for about a min then lag out “lost connection to game” I check & my NAT type is now moderate with UPnP not successful. Called my cell company & they have no clue. Anybody know how to fix this? I need help!

I can’t offer any advice on your network settings or any other technical aspect of your issue, but I will say that I used to use a cell hotspot for a while and I found that it was imperative to keep my phone in a spot that had the best signal. Moving my phone even a few feet seemed to make a difference. But I was in an area where I was lucky to have 2-3 bars. Your situation may be different.

I assume that you’ve made sure that you’re not dropping signal on your phone. If not, then you may also try moving your Xbox to another area of the house where you get a better cell signal (if signal is even an issue) Aside from that I’d make sure that there aren’t any wireless signals in your house that may be causing interference.

Lastly, maybe try reverting all your settings to default on your Xbox and doing the same on your phone.