Naming and shaming?

Thats right in this case somebody posted…regarding same tool…if it can be proved then name em…i agree dont do it without some proof🙄

I know for a fact there is this guy whose gamer tag is about losing traction and being on fire. He’s terrible at the game. Don’t play with him.


Iv noticed custom lobbies are dropping off…simply cause peeps cant do anything about…game wrecking numpties…kick option a must :neutral_face:

So i can’t post the screenshot? Maybe sharing whitout a “context” or a “specific detail” about what happen could do the trick? :thinking:

This thinking that it was i that upload a picture with that tool on the otherside on the map while i was down, and other player was Calling out a Big “Jack wtffff” ?

Or maybe someone post other proof and i miss it cause the post was removed.