Naming and shaming?

So last night i posted about this tool…who peeps now have his name…no response from tc ect…no surprise…but in the comments somebody kindly posted proof of what id said…now i understand how touchy some peeps are on here​:thinking:…but the post was to help our players (the ones that are left…not many)…never mind…i noted the ones that replied…if i come across any more I’ll msg privately!!..anyway nice to see the proposed verses fix didnt happen/delayed…surprised?:roll_eyes:…lmao dont worry…the store is open and working just fine :rofl:

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I honestly do not understand why we can’t call anyone out here on the forums. There really should ne a sticky thread mentioning names NOT to play with if you come across them. Noooooo TC frowns upon that ruining the game even more than what it is.


It’s not an uncommon policy. I would even be as bold as to say that a majority of forums and subreddits for triple-a games have a rule against shaming.

That’s not me defending the practice, mind you. I don’t have much positive to say about the moderation here, but that one I kind of understand as it seems to be standard practice.


I think it’s because in the past, pre TC, people would post GTs in the forums spewing random nonsense, people would take the word of the OP and mass block/report the GT to the point where their account would get wrecked and they can’t find any games and such.

So they changed it to a similar system that TC has in place, as in submit video proof directly to the studio and they’ll investigate, and TC kept that way of doing things.


Think of it this way, what if he decided to make a thread that claimed all sorts of things about you and, even though none of them were true, he insisted?
They can’t keep track or know who is legit and who is lying. That’s why they don’t allow call outs.


Exactly. It happened a lot in the past down at the Epic forums. So many accounts ruined because after getting a certain amount of blocks and reports, your account would be “in the red” and XBL wouldn’t allow you to find online matches properly. And back then, it wasn’t easy to clip something (you needed an external device for that), so most of the threads that popped up were of people claiming random.things about random people and most forum members would take the OP’s word for it.

OMG, I remember when XBL enforcement was report based. :rofl: What a disaster that was. There were times when I had to use another account until my main “cooled down” because I was getting too many reports. And, I wasn’t even being toxic. Just playing games with toxic communities where people report after they lose.


It still is though, just not front and center. Which is why I think TC won’t allow the whole name and shame in the forums, even if the OP would post video proof. That and of course the harassment that the person would get.

Not too long ago, when OW released and I played that a lot, my account got reported enough times that Xbox sent me a msg telling me that my account was “yellow” and that I should be careful.(people would report me because I would use characters they didn’t want me to use or use somebody else’s main). But you can easily boost your account back up by playing games with a high player count in a single match/instant like Fortnite or MMOs, because people hardly take the time to report you in those type of games and you’re constantly playing with a vast amount of players you haven’t encountered in the past.

In this case someone backed it up with footage…same tool!..take ur point though.

Unfortunately people can’t be mature about it and that’s why it’s probably something they don’t want to allow on the forums. It reflects poorly on their company when they allow individuals to accost other members on their products. It’s one thing to simply state hey we had an issue with insert gamertag doing this you should be cautious if they join your game and that’s as far as it goes. But people will insult and derogatorily attack and shame that person to extremes whilst doing it because somehow it’s not enough to just out them. It’s a shame because I think we should be allowed to state who the troll players are as it helps keep the community and game more cleaned up but whatever is what it is. Just block them and move on I guess.

I get that…blocking n reporting in general doesn’t work…im thinking if you have proof…as somebody did that for me (thx to who that was)…then it should be allowed…completely agree with not randomly having a hissy fit n reporting cause ur pissed off…in this instance this same tool is doing everyday at the moment…to be fair theres an argument for naming n shaming…either way i wont lose any sleep over it…anyway the store is open and working just fine :roll_eyes:

We should be able to name and shame those d___s that purposely f up the game for people, there’s no reason for it apart to be a c__t I’ve had a few people who joined the game just to screw every1 over, it’s ridiculous, they shouldn’t be able to get away with it.


Part of the reason is to stop bullying as it would open the door for people to name and shame just to pick on people who annoyed them for some reason and you would get people naming and shaming weak players as well who put in bad performances. It’s easy to see why they enforce this rule

With actual video proof of the culprit though?

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Exactly !!

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had run-ins with them

It still boggles my mind how I haven’t been perma banned from messaging :thinking: I’ve said some pretty fcked up sht to people. :joy::joy:

At that point I had already made it so that randos can’t message me, but I can imagine all the REEEEEES that came with me picking their mains. And when I got the msg from MS, I stopped playing OW with randos, stuck with my stacked team.

They need to have a wall of shame.

I hope you’re being sarcastic. This isn’t a gears specific policy. The large majority of forums have a policy where you can’t publicly call somebody out. The simple reason for that is because it would start a witch hunt. For example I could come on the forums and say [Insert GT here] is a cheater and using hacks. Now the educated among us might ask for proof of this claim, but others may just go out and report that account just because someone said that they did something.

Plus it could lead to harassment on the forums as well. Somebody’s little group doesn’t like one guy so they go out of their way to publicly shame them. A “Do not callout/attack other users” policy is a very common forum policy. There are other means of reporting somebody’s poor behavior.

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If there is concrete proof, and they really are a “Tool”, i think naming and shaming should be a thing. It is best to avoid players such as thins, not only does it give other players a hard time, but it also gives the game a bad name. Allowing such things to happen is not in the best interest of the game.
We do get these types of people though, i was in a game, Gears of War 4 Horde where i asked a certain person to stop wasting Energy build Sentries that they put right in the path of the enemy, after several messages, not only did he build more, he actually started moving the ones i had built and repairing.
Now, i dislike how anyone and everyone can build on Gears, this sort of thing makes if more dislikable, it is my personal opinion only the Engineer can build and repair, it also adds more value to the character. And avoids situations, as above.

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