Name one area you would like to see a change/improvement to in Gears5

So I know it’s probably going to be quite hard for a lot of the people on these forums to limit it to just one area but please do try, Whats the most impactful change you could make, that would make Gears 5 the best Gears ever?

For me personally I’d like to see less playlist options, I’d rather less playlists and a larger player pool in each, hopefully leading to more and more consistent Lobbies. One tuning would go a long way to help with this issue but even then I think we could easily thin the herd on game types but have week long rotations for specific fan favourite game types ie 2v2 Gnashers ect.

My playlist would be

Anyways that’s enough from me, looking forward to reading others ideas, be lucky CoG’s!

60hz server-to-client rate, at the bare minimum.


I would love a way to decide to do Quality Ping Based Matchmaking so it tries to find players with a similar ping first, and every 90 seconds it expands the search.

So first 90 seconds - players with the same or within 10ms of your ping.

Next 90 seconds - players with same or within 20ms of your ping

Next 120 seconds players with same or within 40ms of your ping.

And after 5 minutes it reverts back to Standard Matchmaking as it is, if it cannot find them.

This way at least the chances of getting a fair match go up drastically than just pulling the first players it can.

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Either an adjustment to the current tru skill ranking system to allow a more reasonable way to compensate for player winning 3-6-9-12 games in a row to advance and NOT decrease for 1 loss.

Or just revert back to the standard Leaderboard Climb

Additonally I would like TC to offer a Classic Horde mode

Lastly to bring back Wingman.


Everything said above is something I want.

But I think the thing that has annoyed me the most, is the poor quality of support post-launch. TC went for quantity over quality, and went with maps over features and actual new content.

If that was to happen, the playerbase would stay healthier for longer, and this really hurt TC in the months after the release of Gears 4. There was nothing for players to come back to, apart from packs and new maps. And if you have played War Machine since it’s inception in Gears 1, it gets boring very quickly.

That is difficult, but adding quality, and a transparent DLC cycle would be much appreciated.


Only having 1 tune for all game modes


I think each game mode should have its own Tuning.

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Stop changing ■■■■ for arbitrary reasons. Release Gears 5 and don’t patch anything unless it’s extremely broken.

Offline Horde mode, System link (LAN) would be outstanding. While were at it, allow system link (LAN) through out ALL modes.

Over cover aiming needs to be more consistent.
I posted this link in another thread but it’s very typical of the inconsistencies i experience. Everything i know about gears tells me this should’ve been a kill but then here i am still confused.

At 21 seconds in

It would be neat to have an option to enable the aiming grid (shown in gears in the machine vids) for private matches

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I can’t get to grips with over cover shootings.

Most of the time it’s slow to react and when I do the animation and press shoot, my player doesn’t shoot or just goes back down into cover :laughing:

Feels a lot better in Comp 2.8 to me though


I want Gears to have new shooting mechanics like many other 3rd person games like Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and Resident Evil, specifically the ability to shoulder swap. Being forced to be right handed ruins the balance of symmetric maps, because the maps aren’t symmetric! Depending on the cover of the side you spawn on provides better protection because of how your character is positioned when shooting. Being able to be left or right handed should have been an essential component of this series from the beginning, as the only way to become left handed is a buggy mechanic where you must be against a wall, aim left, and let go to become left handed, and even then it reverts back to right handed after you stop aiming. This would also prevent the terrible “let’s rotate counter-clockwise around cover like a bunch of redneck square dancers as to not lose right hand advantage” situations.

And for xbox users, they need the ability to disable V-sync, use the new 120fps option on the S and X, or TC needs to properly enable freesync because of how horrible and laggy the Xbox’s Vsync is handled in Gears 4.


actually everything made and programed normally and not always crashing, im ok with everything else

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I need 4K at 120FPS.

Maybe with the next Xbox.

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Easy. LOCAL search option. I want to play with players in my area. I don’t want to be placed in Mexican lobbies every match.

I am in Vancouver BC, I want to play with people in Western Canada, and Western US.

Make is so it STOPS your search if it does not find a near by game

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What we need in multiplayer is a boot option for afk players. 3 out of 5 people come to a consensus through a simple vote. And when they get booted, and given a penalty, there should be an open slot.

This open slot could then be available for anyone searching for a game, who wants to jump in with if course the drawback of less experience. That, or throw in a bot. Better then someone afk doing squat for the team.

Gears 5

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So you want tearing?

I 100% agree the shoulder swap.

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All modes having a social playlist that allow for more than 2 people in a group at a time.

Have your ranked crap all you want in a competitive playlist. At the end of the day, if there is a playlist that gets rid of 2+ minute wait times for full lobbies (worse in dead countries), you can play with all your friends (not just one), and bots fill the spots of the people that will inevitably quit, the game is already 100% better than dealing with the forced Esports system of GoW4 that maybe 5% of the population want to show off how good their team is.

The more time I spend in games instead of searching, loading, filling lobbies only for them to dissolve; the happier I am.

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I would like to see the active reload system in versus return to the original style where you can only get as many active shots to fill the clip. Especially considering the campaign and horde follow this system already

Getting a whole clip of active anything should be reconsidered please

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Custom rules for Horde and a lobby search. Finally people could play the horde they want to play.

OG horde? No problem. Classes? Sometimes off, sometimes on. Defense building? Leave it up to a vote.

This would really shake up horde and allow it to last longer than it did for 4. As cool as all the mechanics sounded when they were announced, 4 ended up being my least favorite. 2.0 is still the best.

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