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"Naked" character in multiplayer

Had a weird glitch happen where I was playing as Marcus and spawned into the map with no skin or weapons. Anyone seen this?

This happened as a rare bug in the tech test. I think its the base model before all the textures have loaded in.

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Gotcha, thanks for confirming. Only saw it once today, although the servers seem to be pretty unstable generally. More so than the tech test surprisingly.

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Yeah it hasn’t been a great launch. I am hoping TC and MS get this all fixed ASAP.

Agreed. I mean, I willingly joined the tech test to help out iron out any bugs while getting to try the game early. I wasn’t bothered by the issues that were expected on the servers, etc. But as a Game Pass Ultimate customer, getting early access to the game shouldn’t be a worse experience than the tech test. My 2c anyways.

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Every character is secretly a robot underneath? Is this canon?

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haha, yeah, I thought I’d spawned as the Terminator at first but then spent some time looking around the character and noticed he had no weapons so I took the pic.

silversurfer :v:


Aw you mean it’s not a T-1000 Terminator easter egg? :wink:

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Nice. That’s the default Unreal Engine 4 mannequin model that ships with the engine for testing.

Sorry to necro this thread but I just had it happen to me too lol. Was curious if I was the only one.

The worst part about the bug is you spawn with no weapons so if you’re playing a mode without pick ups, you’re screwed.

How is it possible that this is in the game?
More and more I get the feeling that the team that worked on this game for the past 3 years is totally incompetent. Gears 5 just totally missed it… Gears of War is dead for me.

right? like how did this and the other 100 glitches even make it through testing? you can’t tell me they never encountered most of these bugs in testing. do they think to themselves, **ck it, the game mostly works, we’ll just fix the bugs later"

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Silversurfer easter egg

This is happening constantly STILL. We’re months in to this game, and an absolutely game breaking glitch is still happening which makes the round/life completely unplayable. I see it happening to other players, and it happened to me TWICE tonight alone. You can’t attack at all, you can’t do anything whatsoever except run in and die. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. @TC FIX THIS NOW!!!

He’ll be 1500 Iron in the next store update.

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Just the new T-1000 skin for the terminator fans sarcasm

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I have a challange for you guys. Do the pepsi Man! When you have that character just run around without dieing .