Nades, they worked in 2006

Ok look guys nades havent worked right since Gears 2. They were ok in Ultimate but come on.

So the timing is the 1st thing. Sometimes it beeps once and blows up, sometimes several times and blows up. Its not like we’re cooking them so it should be uniformed.

The explosion radius. Why oh why is it NOT the same EVERY time? Sometimes Im around the corner of a wall, way out of what its range should be and KABOOM! Im dead. Other times I could be standing next to it and all Im left with is ash on my face.

It makes no sense. And I know Im not the only one.

Not the Gnasher, not the Lancer, or anything else is as big a problem as the nades.

Either theyre baby nukes or noise makers. All I know is I’ll be making a weekly thread until release so you guys dont forget to FIX THE NADES!


1000% agreed it’s just another one of those things that’s inconsistent. I literally just had a match on dam and I was behind the truck and threw the nade to the other side to stop the other team from getting the cap. Guess what we all died even though I was on the other side

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Man your story sounds was too familiar. I can picture it. I dont get how we can be AROUND a cover and the nade STILL kills us. Smh.

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The blast radius is far too large. I’ve been killed by nades miles from where it detonated. I don’t think I’ve ever not been killed by a nade as the OP has. It’s more a case of if a nade has been thrown anyway on the map then I will die from it.

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Totally in agreement re radius of blast,it is ridiculous. Also planted ones, sometimes you can run through/past, other times no matter how fast you are moving, they blow you up.

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You are 100% correct. Planted nades will also be added to the weekly thread. Ive ran past some, they beep after Ive passed them. For some reason they still blow me up. And this is after Ive well past them and turned a corner.

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Totally agree with all these posts guys

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I’ve had it where grenades explode and they beep after detonation or their explosion doesn’t make any sound at all…honestly i would like someone to name something that didn’t work much better in previous games than it does in Gears 4

I have an example of the mini nuke: ~18sec in (also at 2:08sec)


That nade at 18, stupid that got you as well!

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I played KOTH with a buddy yesterday and he stupidly planted a Nade in the center of the ring. The enemy team proceeded to through 2 smokes, 1 inside the radius of the ring, and it didn’t blow up from that. We both were rolling for our lives and like “Where is the earth shattering kaboom?!”

Needless to say he got a triple from a frag plant that should have been destroyed by smokes and even he was like “I shouldn’t have planted that there”.

Biggest problem to me is the random bouncing of nades.

I’ve thrown some at my feet to kill chasing enemies and they don’t even bounce so they blow me up before I can even roll away. Then the next time I do it they bounce multiple times and give enough time for the enemy to run away.

I miss the proximity explosions of the Gears 3 Beta. Get a direct impact and it auto explodes. Good times.

Honestly this is something I’ve noticed since Gears 4 was released and I’m very surprised the grenades didn’t receive a ton of patches over the 12 months of Title Updates. The frag grenades are extremely inconsistent specifically the amount of time it takes for 1 to explode sometimes they explode almost as soon as they land other times it takes 3 seconds for them to explode. I’m not sure what the issue is but I think it’s just in-game lag

wow… this game was never ready to be played competitive

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Ha, the silent nade. Deadlier than a silent fart. These are the best, Im running then all of a sudden my leg is 20 yards away, my arms under a car and the rest of poor Dom turned to mush.

Jesus I knew I wasnt the only one, just reading these comments. The video, my God @ 2:08 and it is OFTEN that this happens.

The bouncing example, oh little baby Jesus. Sometimes when I throw it Dom has the arm strength of a toddler, other times hes like 50 cent throwing a 1st pitch and it blows up instantly. Again we arent cooking them, so it should be uniformal, like it USE to be.

And Im pretty sure everyone here knows how to use nades, Ive been playing since 2006, I know how to play this game, like you all do. I know when something isnt working, and these nades have not worked for a LOOOOONG time.

It probably doesnt mean much but Im sticking to making an annoyance until release and eventually after when the nades STILL dont work.

Speaking about nades here some crazy nades glitches that still aren’t fix yet.

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What annoys me is the fact that two years ago a complained that planting grenades is a horrible experience… Today the experience is no different.

Fix the really poor code behind planting grenades. I world be embarrassed if I wrote such terrible code. Having to press plant four times per grenade is embarrassing.

Fix it already!!

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It was atrocious on mania when there was no time to mess about between waves. Poor soldiers.

Here’s a good one.

Nades happen at 3 min 7 sec

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This weekend I threw a nade in Canals, it didnt blow up until the next map on Ruins. I REALLY hope they’re listening for G5. Nothing’s going to be done for GoW4 but G5 had better have some improvements.

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