Nades flame help

I think I got him with the flames. If I was on the opposite end and he threw them and I smelled the gas I would have burst into flames let me know. Cause I feel the nades in this game are very inconsistent. Forgive my noob abilities to post vid clips on here. I don’t know how

Lol yeah definitely. Looks like lag probably. Unreal my entire last match was like this.

I’ve seen people walk through flames and never even scream. I’ve also seen people die from them way after they should have extinguished. Lag may be part of it, but inconsistency as mentioned above is definitely part of it.

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To me it’s always seemed like the insta-kill radius of the incendiaries is smaller than what the flames extend out to, which is weird. But it would also be lag (the other player being farther back on your game then he is on the server) that could be contributing to it.

Hate incendiary nades in this game, due mainly to me being so awful with them!

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Me too☺️

Someone once posted a clip here once of a DB getting hit by incinds on Security, running around on fire (entire body with flame animation covering it), and he was still running and shooting at people as of he was perfectly fine.


ive had that happen with other players . i would hit them and they just run around on fire no problem.