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Myrrah's Corpse

So given everything that we know about Gears up to this point. I have one question: Where is Myrrah’s body? We know that the Locust were all thrown into mass graves but what about Myrrah’s remains. Given what was revealed about her in 5 we don’t know the full extent of what the cure did to her. I doubt she was left on Azura with the Locust that were buried there. So the question is after the evolutionary jump and knowing what we know now of Reyna and the Swarm network. Where is Myrrah’s corpse and if it is revealed what kind of shape (or form) would it be in?

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Respect lost due to incorrect spelling of the words “Gears”

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Well, Myrrah was immune to the effects of Imulsion so the cure (I presume you mean Adam Fenix’s Imulsion Counter Measure) presumably did nothing because there was nothing to cure. It didn’t seem to have any effect on most humans like Marcus etc and many if them would not have necessarily been immune - just their cells had alot less exposure to Imulsion than the Locust did.

No clue as to what happened to her body though.

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I would think her body was unaffected by Adam’s countermeasure. It kinda seems like it doesn’t matter tho. Reyna was revived after Kait kills her with a knife (Similar to what happened to Myrrah. ) Myrrah also is alive in the Hivemind, and could talk directly to anyone that has a link. The swarm royalty seem to be alive without a body.

One other thought I had is why is Reyna Evil all of a sudden? Myrrah is Evil from the start, but Reyna suggests that the Hivemind can turn you against your own thoughts or “claim” you. Marcus must have been close in 4.


Would be a pretty terrifying outcome if Myrrah showed up at the last second in Gears 6, just as the Swarm is about to kill the protagonists and finish the war, Myrrah steps out of the shadows and takes control of her Scions, Brumaks, and other potential post-Gears 3 Locust again, starting a huge battle between the Swarm and the Locust with the two queens fighting for control.

And maybe in the end, Myrrah, maybe with a shaky truce with humanity for helping her regain power as the queen, leaves with her remaining warriors and finds somewhere on the planet to live, fulfilling the goal of “taking over” surface by building up again in the mountains/etc.

It might be interesting… but people here seem to forget that the corpse of Myrrah was stabbed by Marcus on top of the building on Azura where Adam had built the countermeasure device, and was either just left to rot or incinerated. So it’s doubtful any of it is left now, even if its “image”, so to speak, still exists within the Swarm hivemind.

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I think what we have is Myrrah’s mind inside Reyna’s reanimated body. I’m guessing the locust/swarm are a hive mind and so long as they exist in some large capacity the queens consciousness is alive to some degree. Maybe because Reyna was a blood relative her body counts as a suitable vassal. When Kait was severing her connection to the swarm she some how woke up Myrrah?
Another question is why Kait left her mom’s body in the hive after cutting her loose? You would think she would have cemented or buried her at least instead of leaving her in there.

Kait probably thought sealing the entrance off with some rocks would do the job(Ascendance details this), but it might not have been much effort for a Scion(especially one the size of a Warden) to move them back out of the way, or they just planted explosive charges to get the rocks out of the way. Or they just threw a Boomshot round at the rocks. Then just hooked up the body back to the biomass to turn it into the part human, part Locust and part Swarm abomination it now is.

I don’t think they would’ve had a whole lot of time to come up with something either with no real available supply line in the middle of a giant hive/Locust burial site, or at least near the entrance of one. So they just sealed the cave entrance off with rocks and left it be.

As the connection thing goes, I suspect Niles somehow had a way to read what was going on in the Matriarch’s mind, giving him an insight into the advanced hivemind developed by the Locust after the Locust War ended and they came out of hibernation, and finding Myrrah was unable to directly enter Reyna’s body, thus him using Kait to allow Myrrah to make the connection to the body as it seemed her resistance against Myrrah’s intrusion attempts was just making her a much less viable target than the body of Reyna, which also has been altered by the Swarm to presumably allow a better connection to the hivemind itself. Or to differentiate it from what it once used to be.

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It is a Second Account. It was made in jest, and works too.

It’s probably a skeleton on Azura somewhere since Myrrah didn’t have the same effect as other Locusts with the countermeasure device and it seemed to not affect her at all. And now technically Reyna’s corpse is her new body.

A good and intriguing question that unfortunately we’ll probably never get the answer to. It more than likely was left to decompose, which is just awful for me to type.

Damn that evil COG.

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Her continued existence within the hive mind is more intriguing. It allows her to be part of the system without fear of death or growing old. I suspect she will take a new form at the end of Gears 6 to leave us hanging for another trilogy.

It also makes you question what happens to those related to Myrrah. We have no idea if Reyna’s mind still exists within the hivemind, after Kait killed her and Myrrah (presumably) took the body over, or what will happen to Kait’s if she dies, with at least the connection to the hivemind severed within her brain(according to what Niles said anyway, and I doubt you could really trust him much).

At least, I have.

I know it’s not popular among the masses, but I’m pretty sure Kait will still be hooked to the machine in Gears 6. It’s the only way to solve the Del JD dilemma, and it continues us down the path of the hive mind being an inescapable force.

I kind of doubt it. It relies on Del and Jack basically doing… well, nothing and just standing/floating there while Kait was hooked up to it and used by Niles. And basically invalidate all of Act 3. And 4(TC apparently have a canon thing planned according to some dev stream in November, but they didn’t go into detail). Won’t make their in my view stupid decision to immediately kill Lizzie off instead of using her character for something better in a supporting role not a thing either so I’m not really more favorable to it. Unless they pull the extremely unlikely card of “She survived but basically went into a worse coma with worse injuries due to being in the middle of an exploding Minotaur” card.

And this would be some Matrix style thing to pull if Kait was just trapped in some kind of imaginary or false world against the Swarm without us or her ever knowing if there was actually a conflict still going or if the Swarm just won and Kait is stuck in the Kadar facility forever. Unless I’m misinterpreting how you imagine it?

Here’s an idea I had, though, that I was considering making a separate discussion topic for : Instead of Gears 5 having the current Act 4 as an ending, they could’ve used it as the beginning for Gears 6 instead to set the tone for that Campaign, using the current Act 3 as an ending fourth Act, and the current Act 2 would have been Act 3 while there was a different Act between, set in the four month period between the fall of Settlement 2 and Kait going to the Riftworm Village with Del, detailing JDs guilt and other feelings further that made him turn away from Del and Kait and take a more pro-COG and by the book military approach, also giving them the opportunity to just tell us outright if Lizzie is indeed dead(the main reason I’m upset about it is because of what I stated above, but also because I get the distinct impression nobody at TC has seriously considered the Carmines as anything more than meme or joke material, which in my view is stupid when you create a good character as a Carmine and then just kill her off for no good reason - putting her into a worse coma than JDs would have gotten guilt out of him as well) and show us the effects of it on the characters overall, and Clayton. They establish a relation between her and him but never go into it further. Too many missed opportunities here.

And they really need to learn when it is appropriate to kill a character off. The only death I really would consider anywhere near that is Oscar because it shows Kait starting to lose control over her connection to the Swarm hivemind.

If the new book is any indication, the story line won’t be near as good as a Karen Traviss story. I really hope they follow the hive theory, turn Kait, rework JD into a Marcus type figure, and leave us begging for another trilogy.

I haven’t explored the second Felix child theory. I need to play the campaign again.

I doubt they would turn Kait. Not with how they’ve portrayed her throughout 5 where her struggle didn’t seem to be deciding who to go with but fighting back against Myrrah’s intrusion attempts and the symbolic act towards the ending. And I don’t think making JD too similar to Marcus is a great idea.

Regarding the second Fenix child theory - it seems there is some correlation between Anya’s death and Jinn’s fertility program that has something to do with the divide between Jinn and Marcus. I doubt there is another Fenix child out there but it has something to do with her death if you ask me. A second attempt at child birth or carrying that went wrong.

I think it provides the opening to introduce another child.