Myrrah black steal wrong head bug?

Im seeing that black steal myrrah has the old head instead of her young head. Also her neck is exposed. Is this a bug?

No, nothing’s wrong. It’s just ported from 4, not the Gears 5 model.

So what happened to the gears 5 model? Cause I liked her young face waaaay better :frowning:

I would guess it’s cheaper and easier to copy and paste then to create an entirely new skin. It’s also why the Black Steels cost so much less.

Gears 5 myrrah was always old and ugly. Her black steal head was young face myrrah which was why i bought it. Then today after the update it changed to old face myrrah and it leaves her neck exposed which it never is in contrast to all her other skins.

BS Myrrah has a gross neck

Yeah people have been complaining about the face being wrong on twitter now they are complaining about the neck :rofl:

If this is not a bug, but TC’s “attempt” at a “fix” for her Gears 4 appearance, then I’m going to request a refund on it, as this is not what I purchased.
The main reason you buy a skin is for it’s appearance, changing it after you’ve purchased it is false advertising.

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