My version introduction to Gears of War 4 and 5

Maybe somebody reads this and or maybe it’s forgotten through the passage of time. I’m a gamer just like yourselves and I’m an artist so the creative spark in me begins to work out my brain a bit with ideas. I’ve played gears since the second, two years ago played the first, read the comics, enjoyed them and the expansion of the lore. First of all I think we can all agree that Gears 4 and 5 should of kept the grittiness and gore in it. It was a key component.
Now from here on out, This will be a introduction to my version of Gears 4 and tomorrow Gears 5.

We’ll hit Gears of War 4 first. They should of presented JD and Del first as Cog Soldiers in New Ephyra, JD trying to live up to his family name and serving the COG without hesitance, Del being the genius that he is begins to do maintenance on a hovering robot named Dave , We see Del and JD talk to one another about why First Minister Jinn called them in, jokingly stating a promotion .As Jinn enters the room she tells them that they’ve been losing contact with outside settlements belonging to the COG. She tells them that it is only a recon mission and they should report back when they have sufficient data on the matter. As Jinn steps out We see Rojas (yes Jan’s son) steps in and greet his fellow gears. JD briefs Rojas on their new assignment and they leave New Ephyra on a raven.

On Board we see Rojas talking to Del about what he has been doing to Dave, while JD is talking to Jinn over comm. JD gets up from his seat and moves towards the hatch door of the raven opening it and revealing down below the settlement they have been sent to investigate. No activity, No lights, a true ghost town by what seems to be the looks of it. Jinn says “Good luck Delta” (I’m establishing that they are the new delta squad"). As They begin their search, it’s relatively calm and quiet yet disturbing as we traces of blood on the ground leading forward towards the town hall, As Delta approaches a shot grazes Del’s shoulder and Delta opens fire from the direction the bullet came from, As they stop shooting JD yells out “We’re from the Coalition ! Step out or we will begin to use explosion”. As the mysterious figure steps from the shadow we see that it is Gary Carmine, bloodied and a bit distraught. JD tends to Del’s shoulder telling him it was just a flesh wound. As he takes out the first aid kit from Dave’s storage unit compartment.
Rojas points his rifle at Gary and tells him to identify himself, as he proceeds to, noises begins to come from behind Gary and He looks at delta screaming at them to get inside the town hall now. As they are running they realize they won’t get there in time so JD and Del hide behind a busted car, while Rojas and Gary do the same on opposite streets. As They barely peer through the edge of the car, We see a pack of pouncers running at incredible speed towards the next street, Gary gets up and asks Delta to come with him and ward off those creatures from the safe zone. As Delta runs toward the way the enemy went, We see a pouncer jump from the shadows and tackle Rojas as he is pin, he yells to get that creature off of him only for the creature to split his mouth open in three ways showing the tentacles from within trying to eat him. As JD pulls out a knife from his pocket he stabs the pouncer and kicks it right inside the pouncer, making the pouncer yell a blood curling scream, as towards the depths of the darkness yellow glowing eyes begin to pop open. Delta realizes its out numbered and begins to retreat, JD being stubborn tries to push through only to be frozen in shock when he hears the screams of the people inside the safe zone be snuffed out. As they retreat we see Rojas shaking JD’s shoulder telling him to run!. As they do they run towards the town hall
When everything seems to get quiet again, Gary peeks through cover and tells Delta that the ghost is clear it seems, only to hear a bone breaking sound and broken glass hitting the floor, to see Carmine get impaled by the pouncers spikes as Gary falls to the ground, his body begins to deteriorate right infront of them. Delta begin to step away from the walls and begin to look for a exit, As they begin to look they hear sharp deafening screams coming from the stairs, We see Juvvies coming towars delta, jumping off walls and breaking the area around them from the sheer strength they possess. Delta head towards the governors office as Juvvies are coming from both stairs down on them. As they run inside, Rojas and JD hold the door shut, As Del begins to turn on the governors computer he tells dave to search for any password to unlock the emergency door. As Dave does, Del tells JD if he thinks his girlfriend Kait and her settlement is alright. JD telling him "She’s been trained to survive outside the walls of the Coalition, if anybody could survive out there with these creatures roaming about it’s her and her people, just then the Dave unlocks the door and they leave through the back seeing a centaur parked by they approach only to see mangled and deformed corpses of what seems to be the governor and his body guards, whats left of them. As they hop on they drive away from the settlement, Rojas stating to JD that “They’ve just gotten into something that is way over their heads.” As delta drives off towards Kait’s town.

Alright guys comment and I’ll write more down, I don’t want to make it too long and ruin it.
Tell me what you think and if it makes the story a little fresh and cohesive to understand.