My thoughts on the gnasher ammo/reload now and moving forward

As seen during this first weekend of the tech test, the gnasher has been reduced from 8 to 6 shots. Along with that, we have seen the new reload system for all weapons and for the gnasher that means that a perfect active reload doesn’t give a damage increase (positive imo) but it does give you max ammo.

Getting a non-perfect active reload only gives you +3 shots, so the benefit to hitting the perfect active is how many shots you will have.

Playing KOTH over the weekend, I saw a lot of people running out of ammo and/or reloading a lot. Say you only have 2/6 shots and get a normal reload, that would give you 2+3 for a total of 5/6. It makes it way tougher to go 1v3 in the ring like you often have to when carrying your team.

The system as it currently stands would work much better in a 4v4 game and I probably wouldn’t be making this post. Here, in a 5v5 experience and in a game mode like koth, it really becomes an annoyance and people just knifing at each other. It hasn’t stopped the gnasher fest per se.

For 5v5, I think that the gnasher should be changed to one of the following - no active damage increase in any of these changes, which i like since it makes the gnasher combat more consistent

  1. 8 shots like before, which i would like to see tested this upcoming weekend or in some type of trial playlist

  2. Changing it from 6/3 as it currently is to 8/4 - 8 shots and a normal reload giving you +4

  3. Simply 6 shots but always getting max available ammo no matter what reload you hit

The change is interesting and i think it fits right in line with the new escalation 2.0 which is already unique and really its own thing. In esca, the gnasher could start off with 6 shots and be upgradable to 8 just like other weapon can be upgraded.

For the rest of the game modes like KOTH and TDM, I don’t see why we can’t have any of the three options i have stated here.

Now, i understand the argument of this having to happen in order to have one tuning but I just don’t see this new change as being an absolute necessity.

How many of y’all truly like this new change? Would you mind if it got reverted? Was and is it a must for one tuning?

As a final note, I want to point out that the movement is already slowed down and the wallbouncing nerfed and the lancer/team lancering is kinda op. There is also the same thing from Gears 4 that as long as you wallbounce you don’t regenerate health. I don’t see why the need to double dip to 6 shots and the new reload system.


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