My thoughts on the Gears of War title change

If I were to be honest , I don’t believe that the title change from “Gears of War” to just “Gears” was a smart move for the coalition to do. I’m aware that most people in the Gears of War community(and myself) call the game “Gears” to say a shorter version of the game’s original title . But though it’s commonly used BY THE COMMUNITY, it shouldn’t be used by the developers as a replacement for the original "Gears of War " title because it takes away a very important value from the Gears of War franchise and could possibly devalue how the community looks at Gears of war . I hope you guys can understand my point of view of this and have a good day


Its a slippery slope to be sure. Like, what comes next? Is the next game going to be called G6? How about the seventh game, just 7? Then what would they call the eighth? 3? How does that even make sense? I just dont like it.


Lets just hope that the removal of the ‘Of War’ is not an indication of where the story is going in Gears 5. I hope there’s still plenty of war and struggle in the Gears 5 campaign and that it’s not just about Kait and her ‘demons’


I’ve said it before, it’s damn heresy!

There’s no excuse for it, they said it’s also because the Gears weren’t “at War” per se. Well, were they in Gears of War 4? No. That logic makes no sense.

It looks ridiculous on the cover and a lazy insult to the Franchise itself.


I thought the Gears 5 cover art looked a little mediocre and maybe that’s because ‘War’ is no where on it

I’m surprised there isn’t a thread about the cover art I can’t be the only one that isn’t liking it much


I think it’s silly that people are worked up about the name and not the fact that the thing looks out could have been Gears 4 DLC so far.

The title abbreviation is a common marketing strategy. It happens all the time in more products and franchises than people realize.


I worship am a fan of the Queen, so I was particular unimpressed with the inaccurate facial art of her:

If they fixed that, and added the “of War”, it might’ve been decent. But nothing will hold a candle to the originals.

Come on:


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Exactly the previous Gears games cover art is stunning and I’d gladly wear a T-shirt or hang up a poster with the cover art featured but the Gears 5 cover it just doesn’t inspire

It worries me because it makes me wonder are we just going to be exploring ruins with Kait Diaz or are we going to be fighting a war against The Swarm alongside the mighty Marcus Fenix and J.D 2.0?

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Kait being the lead doesn’t actually bother me as J.D. is about as interesting as a wet piece of carpet. Marcus will steal the show in the sections with him, the presence he gives is great enough.

However with that said I’m looking forward to seeing Queen Myrrah’s appearances. My biggest suspicion is that she’ll be alive in the Swarm Hive Mind, influencing Kait along the way. I can’t wait to hear her voice again, and hopefully she’ll be giving the voices pre-round and post-round in Versus! That would be amazing.

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