My thoughts on Operation 2

First off to put it plainly, a massive disappointment. I truly fear that Gears 5 is going to “die”. Many people seem to already think it is, and to be honest I couldn’t agree more. Aside from that, let’s get down to business. First I want to start off with FFA

I love “Free-For-All”. Every FPS or TPS should have this game mode. It’s just simply put, a standard, solid, fun mode. There is a few reason I can list off as to why FFA is a need for GoW. The custom game experience seems to practice this quite a bit, it’s not really a multiplayer thing HOWEVER, think of it like this. Even though FFA may not be played online a whole lot that doesn’t mean it should be removed because this mode is really awesome in private games, so much so I would be royally pissed if this feature was ever removed again. Just add FFA and keep it, think of it as a fan service even if majority of people may not play it online, I assure you, there is plenty of people who will play it. This also allows players to even RP. And yes, RP does take place in this game. Doesn’t surprise me to be honest. They are adding more to the games lore and story telling. Wish I could find more people who do it LOL. RP aside, this next part is my main criticism in regards to custom games but this isn’t just directed towards FFA, but since it’s brought up, … why are custom games so limiting? This needs to change without a doubt. We cannot set unlimited time, no unlimited score, you can’t start a game by yourself for practice or anything, you cannot even set the amount of bots you want in a game. On top of that why do people need to be on opposite teams to start a match? Simple response to this! BREAK THE CHAINS! This is custom games!! What’s the point of a custom match or browser when you can not customize really? Coalition, please lift these type of restrictions, they are absolutely pointless. Next part, I won’t go into to much detail but why do you only have 3 maps for FFA? I must admit I have never seen a game develop specific maps for a FFA mode. You need to make all maps compatible with FFA.

Next the customization and the store for OP 2

Man o’ man… where to begin. I’m just going to say this. You literally gave me nothing worth actually grinding for. NOT ONE THING. Stop trying to give us new characters but rather focus on stuff you know we will like. Like the onyx guard for example. Now if Gears 5 had a great launch, this wouldn’t be major issue. However because Gears 5 needed a serious moral boost, you should have given something like golden hunter or cyclops instead of experimenting like this. These new characters are so… ugly, especially compared to something like armored Kantus or palace guard and golden hunter and stuff like that. I don’t feel like going into to much detail about this being that I think coalition knows this already but they really have been making some serious error in choices for this game.

One thing I would like to add is why can’t we just buy the stuff from the first tour in OP 1? We are completely locked from getting that default swarm drone? Lol

Finally, my solem vow to coalition…
If operation 2 or 3 doesn’t t have good quality content and start giving us stuff we actually have been asking for, then I will stop playing Gears 5. I would rather wait for gears 6 and just play Gears 4 until then.

Ok see ya


??? Real mature

There’s always someone to complain, TC can’t seem to do anything right, they can’t make everyone happy

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