My thoughts on king of the gnashers


You are just like the kids I run into on social. Big mouth but weak at the game. It’s sad. Everything was all good In here till you came along. Mad at me for posting my thoughts lol what a clown. Grow up.

im not mad.having any emotional investment in gears would be absolutely silly. I simply disagree with your notion. Also. Im a pretty god damn awesome teammate. play with me. Ill be the best support player and a pretty damn good gnasher player.

Anyone can play support and no thank you.

I just do both. Cause i actually can play gears. not just one role. cause i have actual skill. also that wasnt a question. I know you dont wanna play with me. Cause ill take mvp everytime.

You’ll take mvp huh ? Haha yeah with your eliminations that came from assisting ME :rofl:

i was even talking about chillen in gnasher koth big guy. I like the mode. its just not my favorite way to play gears all the time. God your salty lol srry big guy

im not mad.having any emotional investment in gears would be absolutely silly. I simply made a joke :slight_smile:

i just meant cause your still ripping on the elims thing (basically the lancer). despite I wasnt talking about that at all. listen. idc. i love the gnasher. i love koth gnasher… its just not the only thing that defines gears to me.

Feel like there’s a misunderstanding here. I agree with you. All I’m saying is I would like more gnashers events. The lancer is goated though.

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Gears VS just doesn’t have the casual mainstream appeal, and that is fine. I think most of us would agree we love Gears because it is largely it’s own thing, it doesn’t attempt to imitate other games. Well, aside from some useless kak like emotes.
If they started making the game easier and more rifle centric, I’m sure it would be successful commercially (Alternatively, people might just find it boring and go back to what ever high paced shooter they played before). But I wouldn’t stick around and neither, I suspect, would a lot of the people on this forum.

That said, I do think the Lancer might need just the tiniest of damage increases. Like a 2% increase? I don’t want it to dominate but at mid range it should beat a shotgun, unless that guy is a god.

It’s very hard to agree with your statement when it comes to gears 4 & 5.

Also there is a lancer with a 2% damage upgrade: The retro lancer! Lol I really wish they would at least make the lancer consistency better because I really don’t understand how people get headshots from the normal lancers.

Seriously, how do you do that? I active reload before shooting people in the head but they only enter DBNO.

Even GoW 4 and 5 feel more unique than any BR or FPS. Could just be the format tricking me but I feel these games are certainly more grounded than most.